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Flowbee and Haircut World Record Holder to Square Off



Via CraigsList we hear of what sounds like a fun event… Bolt Barbers Monkey House on Melrose is having a challenge between a world record holder for fastest hair cutting and the infamous Flowbee hair cutting device.

The three-time Guinness Book World Record holder, Ivan Zoot, won titles for the fastest haircut (55 seconds), most haircuts in an hour (34) and most haircuts in a 24 hour marathon (340).

Bolt Barbers is said to be offering up FREE (professional) haircuts during the challenge on Friday, July 8th from 9AM until Noon. They are located at 8209 Melrose Avenue.

Here’s more from the posting on CraigsList…

Mario “Mr. Mom” C. of Glendale, CA writes on Yelp “Get a Flowbee. Seriously. I use a Flowbee and I give myself better haircuts than any barber ever did. Haven’t payed for a haircut in like 6 or 7 years.”

Well Mario, Bolt Barbers, LA’s Barber Brand has read your YELP love and decided to accept your challenge. We’ve invited Guinness Book World Record Holder Ivan Zoot, who is Director of Global Education for Andis to give FREE haircuts to homies at Bolt’s West Hollywood Monkey House on July 8th between 9A and Noon. Meanwhile, Bolt will have a Flowbee set up so that you can take a whack at “vacuuming off your hair yourself” and see “where it goes”.

Unhappy with your Flowbee cut? Bolt Barbers will be on hand to fix any “Flowbee Foul-up” and will do so complimentary and without charge. You see Mario, Bolt Barbers wants to show you AND the world that barbers indeed give better haircuts than the Flowbee, and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

The Haircutting Challenge offers “haircuts that suck” vs “haircuts that don’t”. Come out and watch and/or participate in the fun. Enjoy a frosty mug of Bolt Barbers Root Beer, and get a haircut (or two) compliments of Ivan Zoot, Bolt Barbers, and The Flowbee Home Haircutting System.

Bolt Barbers Monkey House Barbershop is at 8209 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CA 90046 Tel 213 596 9110. Bolt Barbers LLC and it’s barbers take no responsibility whatsoever for the results of your Flowbee Haircut and cannot be held liable or responsible for undesirable results.

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