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Playing Emergency Alert Tones for Fun Costs Kimmel, Others



Jimmy Kimmel

HOLLYWOOD — The Los Angeles Business Journal reports that the FCC reached financial settlements with a handful of people who used the Emergency Alert System notification tones as sound effects.

The FCC enforcement bureau announced that “illegal airings of alert tones” brought ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” a $395,000 fine that The Walt Disney Co. subsidiary must pay.

Also caught in their net was Meruelo Radio Holdings which must pay $67,000 to the FCC and develop a compliance plan that includes laying out operating procedures for the station along with a compliance manual and compliance training program.

The settlement arises from an incident on KDAY-FM (93.5), the classic rap station Meruelo has owned since 2013.

According to the FCC settlement, an unidentified employee created a promotional audio recording in October 2017 that included emergency alert system tones along with other sound effects and a voiceover saying, “Ninety-three Five, K-DAY, Hip Hop, back in the day. It’s time for Romeo’s romantic weather.”

Meruelo Media owns a handful of other Los Angeles media outlets including KLOS-FM (95.5).

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