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Faye Dunaway Sued for Harassing Assistant, ‘Little Homosexual Boy’ Slur



Faye Dunaway sued for calling assistant ‘little homosexual boy’

NEW YORK CITY (Los Angeles Blade) — Faye Dunaway’s former assistant is alleging in a lawsuit filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court that the actress was verbally abusive to him when he worked for her on the Broadway play “Tea at Five.”

Michael Rocha, who is gay, says he was hired by production to work as a personal assistant for Dunaway on April 5. His duties included shopping for the star, arranging her schedule, helping her take her medication and taking her to and from rehearsals. He also worked out of Dunaway’s East 57th Street apartment.

The lawsuit claims Dunaway “regularly and relentlessly subjected plaintiff to abusive demeaning tirades.”

Rocha alleges that on May 2 Dunaway called crew members “little gay people” and later that month called Rocha “little homosexual boy.” Rocha says he has a recording of the incident, which he turned into the general manager and general counsel.

Court documents say Rocha was fired on June 12 because Dunaway “is not comfortable with […]

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