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Trying Out Ear Seeding: Does the New Wellness Trend Work?



WEST HOLLYWOOD (The Guardian) — Ear seeds? Is this a beat poetry thing? A nonsensical yet evocative pairing of random words, like asparagus rebel or potted moon? Inevitably, no: ear seeding is the hot new technique in wellness circles. A self-administered variant of traditional acupuncture, it takes place entirely in one’s lugs, a microcosm for the whole body.

I’m trying out these 24-carat-gold ear seeds (Vie Healing , £29 for 20) to see if they live up to their name. And I’m struggling.

The studs are extremely tiny, like the pips on the outside of a strawberry. Imagine trying to manipulate one of those with any precision. An accompanying auricular therapy diagram only adds to the confusion. Fifty spots are highlighted, as if I could place a seed with a specificity that targets my […]

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