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Chris Klein Busted for DUI on 101



If you drink and drive in West Hollywood or surrounding areas, prepare to get caught!  Just ask Chris Klien. (And if you still don’t believe us, listen to West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies swarming and closing in on a suspected drunk driver.)

Chris Klein wasn’t just drunk when he was popped for DUI early this morning at about 3AM.  According to TMZ’s law enforcement sources … his blood alcohol level was almost THREE TIMES the legal limit. His bail has been set at $25,000.

TMZ learned that Klein blew well over a .20 when he was arrested on the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles this morning — his second DUI bust in the last 6 years. The legal limit in California is .08.

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Klein wasn’t the only passenger in his car — cops found a dog inside the vehicle. The dog was later retrieved by a friend of Klein’s.

Klein’s reps did not return calls from TMZ.

The actor gained the eye of Hollywood in high-school movies “Election” and “American Pie,” a hit comedy of 1999 that spawned several sequels. Since then, he has worked in movies and on television.

Klein was arrested and convicted of DUI back in 2004 — and because of that prior arrest, California law requires that he serve a minimum 4 days in jail if he’s convicted of DUI again.

But that’s not all — there’s a new law going into effect in July — which would apply to Klein if he’s found guilty after that date  — that requires multiple DUI offenders to have an “ignition interlock system” installed in their vehicle if they wish to drive.

The system is essentially a breathalyzer test that’s synced up to the car — and if he ain’t sober, the car won’t start.

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