Billboard Icon Angelyne Hits Taxi with Pink Corvette

An accident between a taxi cab and pink Corvette was reported to Los Angeles Police at about 3PM on Saturday, immediately causing us to speculate that the accident could involved legendary billboard princess Angelyne. There really are not very many pink Corvettes running around town. A short while later, we were fortunate enough to locate a photo of the incident which provided confirmation that the accident did indeed involve the infamous woman. The accident occurred at Franklin Ave at Las Palmas in Hollywood, just east of Highland Ave.

Military Helicopters Swoop Through West Hollywood

If you felt some extreme vibrations this afternoon, it wasn’t an earthquake. Around a dozen very large military helicopters swooped through West Hollywood, rattling windows, walls and some nerves. Weho Daily readers were quick with their cameras and snapped some photos of the sight.

Photo: Media Vans Camping Out for Lindsay Lohan

Several television news vans are camped out near Lindsay Lohan’s apartment, along with numerous regular paparazzi, hoping to catch a glimpse of her after her release from rehab at UCLA today. CNN reports that Judge Eldon Fox will hold a hearing in his Beverly Hills courtroom at 9AM on Wednesday morning to issue a new order concerning Lohan, according to a court spokesperson.