Chris Brown is ‘Problematic Tenant’ Says Weho Neighbor

As previously reported, Chris Brown moved to a new condo in West Hollywood recently. While the singer has been under fire recently for a violent outburst at Good Morning America, a neighbor here in our little city is saying that he has not been a welcome addition to the building on Fountain where he owns the top floor. “Chris Brown is a problematic tenant, to say the least,” said a source to Radar Online. “He has his posse traipsing around until the late hours of the night, he’s loud and totally disrespectful of his neighbors.” Brown purchased the brand new 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 3,175 square foot penthouse in February.  It has direct elevator access to the unit which takes up the entire top floor of the building.

Sheriff Grabs Man Running with Scissors in Streets

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene of an apparently disturbed man running through the streets with a pair of scissors this morning. The incident apparently began around 7:30AM on the 900 block of Palm Ave, where the suspect, described as a white male with long hair wearing boxer shorts, pulled a fire alarm at a building and began banging on doors.  He was carrying a pair of scissors. Weho Daily readers said the man was screaming as he then made his way into the streets.  He was reported to have made his way toward Hancock and Holloway, then over to Alta Loma. Deputies began trying to close in the man to prevent him from moving further and eventually they got him down on the ground at Holloway and Alta Loma.  The fire department was called to the scene for medical attention for both the suspect and any deputies that were injured.  One deputy was taken to Cedars for treatment of minor injuries.

Hide Your Wife, Ellen! Couple Visited by Deck Intruder

TMZ reports that a female intruder was arrested last week for trespassing on the property of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, but never made contact with either. A rep for Ellen told TMZ, “The property is protected by a 24-hour security team that detected and detained the intruder until she was turned over to the custody of Beverly Hills police officers, who arrested her.” UPDATE: TMZ reported on Monday, Feb 14, that the woman, Karen Sjoden, pled not guilty to misdemeanor trespassing in an L.A. courtroom. During the hearing, prosecutors claimed she was found hiding behind cushions on the deck to the kitchen and was carrying a list of celebrity names — and a rambling letter to Hilary Clinton — when a private security team took her into custody around 5 AM Thursday morning. Read more at

Film Shoot Causes Fear of Assault with Baseball Bat

Los Angeles Police and West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to Fountain and La Brea at about 9:30pm tonight on a report of a man being beaten with a baseball bat. Indeed, there was a man with a baseball bat at the scene, but it turns out he was beating a mannequin.  Apparently he was filming himself to make a movie. But until everything could be sorted out, numerous police and sheriff vehicles descended on the scene and the two suspects were chased with guns drawn to a bus stop, with one of them limping, according to Weho Daily reader Samantha Stephens. Stephens said that there was either a mannequin or dummy at the location wearing a mask along with a tripod and camera setup nearby. The two suspects were detained for an investigation.

Man Steals Keys from Valet, Found Almost Dead

We have some sketchy details about an incident early this morning that started with a man stealing keys from a valet at a hotel and then ended with the man being found nearby collapsed near death. The investigation is still underway and the West Hollywood Sheriff is still conducting an investigation so few details are being released. Apparently, a man stole some keys from the valet stand at the London Hotel on San Vicente Blvd near Sunset. The hotel spans through the block, connecting to Larrabee on the east side. Some time later, at 4:55AM, the Sheriff was called to an address around the corner from the hotel on Larrabee on a report that a man was collapsed and may have fallen down some stairs.

Man Pulls Gun on Valet at Body Shop, is Arrested

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Body Shop on the Sunset Strip just before 1AM this morning on a report of a man with a gun. The man allegedly pulled the gun on the valet and said “I’m a cop” before putting the gun back under the seat of his vehicle. Deputies arriving on the scene minutes after the report quickly located the man and detained him for an investigation.  They also found the semiautomatic pistol in the vehicle. The suspect was arrested and booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station.

Sheriff Operation Nets 41 Cites, 14 Arrests Around Key Club

Following a near riot and fighting that broke out after a punk rock performance at the Key Club about a week ago, the West Hollywood Sheriff set out to beef up their policing on Saturday night to ensure that there was not a repeat performance this weekend around another punk show. According to WeHo News, the Sheriff operation yielded 41 citations and 14 arrests.  Many of the citations and arrests were related to alcohol… drinking in public, minors with alcohol, and being drunk in public. The Sheriff told WeHo News that the Key Club, Sunset Strip Business District Security, and West Hollywood Parking Enforcement were all helpful to the operation.  The security and parking enforcement officers assisted the Sheriff in spotting problematic behavior.  The Key Club also hired four deputies to maintain order around the club. Weho Daily is aware that the Sheriff also made their presence known before and after the performance with numerous patrol cars on scene.  And we also heard about some folks who thought they could escape deputies on foot, though they didn’t make it very far.

Video: Las Palmas Fight Results in Bloody Nose, Arrests

Via Hollywood TV, we found this video of the aftermath of a fight on Las Palmas a couple of nights ago. Towards the end of the video, the man with a bloody and possibly broken nose appears to make a field identification of the suspects sitting in the back of the LAPD car on the scene.

Video: Men in Skinny Jeans Fight in Front of Micky’s

As reported earlier on Twitter, the sheriff and fire and rescue personnel were called to Micky’s on Wednesday night on a report of a fight and assault with deadly weapon. One man in the fight was reportedly knocked unconscious in the fight, which seems to be shown at the end of this video. The taller man in the videos is eventually arrested by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies who responded to the scene, but not before the man picks up the one who he knocked out and tries to carry him off over his shoulder. (videos courtesy of Josh Telle)