Assault with Bottle, Gun Brandished in Boys Town Fight

Wet Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an assault with deadly weapon early this morning at Santa Monica Blvd and Larrabee. The incident was reported at about 2:20AM and deputies were on the scene in moments, detaining four individuals at gunpoint. Upon investigation, deputies took one man into custody on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.  The weapon was a beer bottle. Witnesses and victims also reported that a gun was brandished by another individual, but that suspect apparently fled the scene before deputies arrived. “There was just a crazy number of cop cars,” said one Weho Daily reader.  “Cops were jumping out of  them with nightsitcks in hand, people were running from the bar.

Michael Lohan Arrested in Weho for Domestic Violence

Weho Daily reported earlier to our readers on Twitter about a domestic violence incident, and now it appears that the suspect in the incident is Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay Lohan.  TMZ says it involves his ex-girlfriend, Kate Major … and it appears there was a violent confrontation. Lohan is a West Hollywood resident and TMZ is reporting that he was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Our initial calls to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station resulted in “no comment” for the time being but our friends at TMZ have uncovered many of the details of what happened. Apparently, Michael went to his apartment last night on Holloway, which he shared with Kate.  She hasn’t lived there for a while and came to pick up some of her stuff.

Domestic Violence, Assault with Knife on Martel Ave

Los Angeles Police are on the scene of a report of an assault with deadly weapon on Martel.  Initial information indicated that domestic violence may have been involved. The incident occurred at about 7:50pm on the 1600 block of North Martel.  911 dispatchers could hear the victim screaming as the phone line was left open.  The suspect remained at the scene for a few minutes after the call but he was gone by the time officers arrived a few minutes later. Police were looking for a white male, about 6 feet tall, wearing a light shirt and blue pants.  He left the location in a silver Mercedes truck to an unknown location.  The weapon used in the assault was a knife.

Person Stabbed with Scissors near Santa Monica Blvd Cleaners

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene of a reported assault with deadly weapon at a cleaners on Santa Monica Blvd near Harper.  The report said that someone at the location had been stabbed with scissors. The incident occurred in a parking lot next to Village Cleaners at 8265 Santa Monica Blvd at about 7:15pm. Deputies were informed by witnesses that the suspect is still at the location and they do have the person detained. Fire and rescue is responding to the scene now. UPDATE: According to the owner of Village Cleaners, the stabbing occurred in a vehicle parked in the parking lot next to Village Cleaners.

Person Hit in the Face with Glass Bottle at Rage Nightclub

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies and fire and rescue personnel responded to Rage nightclub at 8911 Santa Monica Blvd at about 12:45AM on Saturday morning for a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. The report stated that an individual had been hit in the face with a glass bottle inside the club. Weho Daily reader Chris Hughes was at the scene and said that the apparent victim, a female, was receiving treatment from rescue personnel.  Her head was bandaged up. Nearby, another female was being interviewed by Sheriff’s deputies. The suspect in the incident was described as an Hispanic male about 6’2″ in height and 275 lbs in weight.  He was wearing a yellow button down shirt and black pants.

Assault, Possible Hate Crime in Whole Foods Parking Lot

A possible hate crime occurred last night in the parking lot of the Whole Foods Market at 3rd and Fairfax, across from The Grove. Felix Velazquez, the victim, told Weho Daily that he was walking though the parking lot and into the store when he heard some shouting. Before he could ascertain what it was all about, he was jumped and attacked by some men. He said that he had no idea what prompted the men to attack him, and that they had no interaction prior to the altercation. Witnesses reported that a black Lexus had stopped and the men were attacking Velazquez while yelling homophobic slurs.

NHL Star Accused of Punching Woman in Nightclub

(TMZ) – Toronto Maple Leafs all-star Mike Komisarek is on thin ice with the LAPD — after the hockey player allegedly punched a woman in the face at an L.A. nightclub earlier this month … TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us … the 28-year-old defensive powerhouse was named in a police report filed by a woman who claims the whole thing went down after Komisarek decided to lift her up in the air at a Hollywood nightclub. We’re told the woman claims she demanded Komisarek put her down — but he refused — so she slapped him in the face.

Video: Men in Skinny Jeans Fight in Front of Micky’s

As reported earlier on Twitter, the sheriff and fire and rescue personnel were called to Micky’s on Wednesday night on a report of a fight and assault with deadly weapon. One man in the fight was reportedly knocked unconscious in the fight, which seems to be shown at the end of this video. The taller man in the videos is eventually arrested by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies who responded to the scene, but not before the man picks up the one who he knocked out and tries to carry him off over his shoulder. (videos courtesy of Josh Telle)

Rocks, Bottles Thrown at Sheriff after Key Club Fight

West Hollywood Sheriffs deputies were on the scene at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip dealing with a large crowd that became unruly after a fight broke out during a concert.  The level of disorder reached a point that the Sheriff asked other clubs on the Strip to clear out their customers. The initial fight may have been between a patron and club security, but after the club was closed and a large crowd spilled on to the street, they turned on deputies and began throwing rocks and bottles. A Sunset Strip Business District security guard took a bottle to the head. It is unclear as to who made the call to shut down the venue. A report in the Los Angeles Times says quoting law enforcement sources said that it was the club that decided to close due to the unruly patrons.

Felony Charges for ‘Real Housewife’ Polo Lounge Attacker

A man who allegedly went on a violent rampage against a friend of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump has turned himself in after being charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to commit great bodily harm. Sources tell TMZ that Talavera showed up at Judge Elden Fox’s courtroom this morning and surrendered. Talavera pled not guilty and was booked and released on $30,000 bail. If convicted, Talavera faces up to 4 years in prison. The story behind the case unfolded early on Christmas Eve when Lisa was at the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel with good friend Robert Kovacik, a reporter for KNBC, when a drunken man taunted them, got in their faces, and then sucker punched Robert in the mouth.