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Homeless Conflicts

Camouflaged Transient in a Tree at Healthy Spot



There is a report of a camouflaged transient in a tree right now on Santa Monica Blvd.

He initially refused to come out.

It’s all happening behind the Healthy Spot, the new pet store on Santa Monica Blvd where Famima was formerly located.  The store is located at 8525 Santa Monica Boulevard.

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are en route to have a chat with the man to see what is going on.

According to Andrew Kim of the Healthy Spot, the tree top had recently fallen into their parking area, and the transient thought it would be be a great place to camp out, considering his attire.  They called the Sheriff after discovering him there when he startled a customer.

At last report, Kim said that the transient had taken part of the tree to use as a walking stick and was running across Santa Monica Blvd, with Weho Sheriff’s deputies in pursuit.

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