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Bottles Thrown at Cops after Hollywood Club Shut Down



Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood was shut down last night for overcrowding, with more than 2,000 people reported to be in the space permitted for a 1,200 person capacity.  The upset crowd spilling out into the streets required a large response by LAPD officers to disperse it. Eventually there were stand offs with officers on the scene and some in the crowd even were reported to throw bottles.

ABC7 reports that one witness believed the trouble may have began with 500 people waiting outside being told they would not be permitted entry.

Weho Daily covered the incident live as it unfolded on Twitter.

LAPD cruisers and fire trucks line the street near Avalon Nightclub (photo: Matt Nelson)

The closure of the club began shortly before midnight.  Vine St. was closed along with Hollywood Blvd. between Argyle and Ivar by about 12:15AM as dozens of Los Angeles Police officers responded to the scene to help with the crowd.  Helicopters assisted officers on the ground from the air.

The large police response prompted speculation that a violent incident had occurred, or that a person had even been killed, however the closure was strictly related to overcrowding.

A CNS report published by the Beverly Hills Courier said that at least 7 people were arrested.

The situation was largely under control and streets began to reopen around 12:30AM.

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