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Two Armed Robberies in Rapid Succession in Weho Area



Two armed robberies occurred in the West Hollywood area tonight at around 7PM.  We can’t conclusively say that the incidents are linked, however similar suspects were described in both incidents and they did occur in close proximity.  And we do know that sometimes robberies are committed in rapid succession before the suspects flee the area.

In one incident, an armed robbery was reported to West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies this evening, which was said to have occurred near Kings Road and Willoughby. Both suspects were said to be armed.

The incident occurred around 7PM, but Weho Daily did not become aware of it until 8:30PM, leading us to believe that the incident may not have been reported immediately.

One suspect was described as an Hispanic male, about 5’9″ in height and 150 pounds with a shaved head.  He was armed with a small revolver type pistol.  The second suspect was also described as an Hispanic male, about 5’7″ in height, 140 pounds, with a mustache.  He was wearing dark clothing and was armed with a semi-automatic pistol.

The second incident that we are aware of occurred in the City of Los Angeles at Waring and Poinsettia Pl, also at about 7PM.  Both suspects were similarly described, however the crime information from LAPD put them both at a more specific estimate of about 20 years of age.  They were said to have fled the scene in an older model white Honda or Toyota Camry type vehicle.


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