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Are LA’s Anti-Gridlock Zones Being Enforced and What Are They?



Are LA's Anti-Gridlock Zones Being Enforced? Also What Are They

by Jessica P. Ogilvie

LOS ANGELES (LAist)– An anti-gridlock zone sign in Los Angeles. L.A. is notorious for its myriad parking signs, which at times come stacked like a column of cryptographs.

In some areas, these signs include anti-gridlock notifications. They’re perched on the top, they’re fire-engine red, they’re written in all caps, and they are meant to prevent drivers from parking or stopping in the designated area during rush hour.

In times gone by, Los Angeles city officials cracked down on the enforcement of anti-gridlock zones. But at least one LAist reader wonders if that’s still the case.”Are anti-gridlock zones still being enforced?” wrote reader Greg Hayden. “I regularly drive Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and the parking lane is regularly blocked with parked cars, dumpsters, and trucks with their […]

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