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Across the US: How Rent Control Battles are Being Fought



How rent control battles are playing out across the US

(The Real Deal) — Days before Christmas in 2016, Karen Harvey was making plans for the holiday with her daughter when a piece of paper slid under her apartment door. It was an eviction notice.

Karen Harvey Harvey and 200 other tenants in Philadelphia’s Penn Wynn apartment complex were told they would have to be out by March. “I was crushed. I felt like I’d been kicked in the face.

The prospect of having to move in three months was overwhelming,” Harvey said. “Where was I going to get $2,400 to move?”

“From February to June we’re going to bang down City Council’s doors” -Harvey

The owner, Cross Properties, didn’t realize that their business strategy would be a catalyst for the city’s tenant movement. While some renters found new apartments and others fought to stay, many joined the Philadelphia Tenant Union.

A year […]

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