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See Pauley Perrette give a shout out to WeHo Daily on the red carpet (above)

Welcome to WeHo Daily!

You won’t find more fast paced, breaking news about the celebrity playground of West Hollywood anywhere else besides Weho Daily. Once you’ve started reading our news, you might feel that West Hollywood feels more alive to you than ever before. And we warn you, people often tell us that Weho Daily is addictive.

L.A. Weekly even awarded Weho Daily with a “Best Local Blog” for their Web Awards.

Approximate Coverage Focus of Weho Daily

Weho Daily broadcasts information about West Hollywood and surrounding areas, including Hollywood, Wilshire and Beverly Hills, via this website and to over 90,000 readers on Twitter under the account @WeHoDaily.

In addition to news, crime reports, events, restaurant reviews and other information from in and around our area posted on our website, we provide loose, fast flowing, breaking information on Twitter.  We pull those breaking reports together in full postings on our site with more information as it becomes available via our sources or other media outlets.

We also pass on other stories, celeb sightings, restaurant reviews, club and band schedules, and more from hundreds of different sources.  We’re especially happy to have a good relationship with our friends down the street at TMZ, and they tip us off to local stories almost every day. After all, the “thirty mile zone” from which TMZ takes its name is centered right here at Beverly Boulevard and La Cienega.

Because we usually deal in breaking news, with incidents that  are still developing, we like to remind folks that facts and details can often change. This is not only the case for us, but for emergency personnel and any other news source.  So please keep that in mind and check back frequently for updates.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re glad to see you around.


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