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8 Queer Music Milestones You Might Not Know About



8 Queer Music Milestones You Might Not Know About

(Billboard Magazine) — LGBTQ music history is so much more than a timeline of who came out when and which songs became gay anthems. It’s also about the artists who weren’t afraid to be themselves in eras when doing so often had personal and professional risks attached — eras when we didn’t even have the language to talk about gender and sexuality the way we do now.

As Adam Lambert said in Billboard’s first Pride Roundtable , “A lot of people I meet in this generation coming up aren’t necessarily aware of everything that has come before them.” For Billboard’s 2019 Pride Issue, we look back on and celebrate the artists and movements that paved the way for countless other LGBTQ artists today.

1923: Ma Rainey makes her first recordings.
The pioneering blues musician created much of the musical template that is associated with the genre, and her lyrics frankly addressed same-sex attraction and her sometimes androgynous appearance long before such topics were commonly discussed aspects of American culture. (As she sang […]

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