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20 Robberies Over 30 Days Reported in West Hollywood



West Hollywood has seen a surge in robberies in recent weeks, with at least 20 robberies reported in the last 30 days in the city compared to less than half that number for the previous 30 day period.

Map of robberies reported in West Hollywood for 30 days through November 15. Data includes 5 robberies known to Weho Daily but not yet officially reported in crime stats.

The number for recent weeks could be even higher, as official crime statistics have not yet been released for recent days.  Our count includes three armed robberies reported this weekend along with two robberies that occurred on November 7 that are known to Weho Daily but that are not included in official crime stats.

There have been even more robberies on the streets adjacent to West Hollywood in areas in the City of Los Angeles patrolled by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Among those additional robberies may be three robberies on November 7 in LAPD’s Wilshire area by the same suspects as the robberies reported on that date here in West Hollywood. They are suspected in an an additional robbery attempt in West Hollywood as well, at Curson and Santa Monica Blvd.

A few of the robberies may be attributed to shoplifting or snatch and grab thefts from stores, however 12 of the robberies in the last 30 days are listed in statistics as involving a weapon, which would be more likely to indicate a true robbery.  Others are strong arm street robberies or purse snatching incidents where weapons were not involved.

UPDATE: According to the Sheriff, their research into these 20 cases concluded that 9 of the incidents were robberies in the sense that most people would think of them.  But that still represents a marked increase in robberies during the period over recent months.  The Sheriff also states that suspects in some of the cases have been found and taken into custody.

In contrast, only 3 of the nine robberies reported in the previous 30 day period are listed to include weapons.

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  1. Alicia

    November 23, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    Can we update this article now and make sure that the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Dept and the West LA City Police Division are coordinating better to shore up the Eastern side of West Hollywood? That appears to be where the robberies stem from, albeit the purse snatchers/armed robberies are not necessarily those robbing businesses along Santa Monica. Thank you for these very helpful reports, WEHODAILY!

  2. Shant G

    December 10, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    To the City of West Hollywood please address the Fountain and N. Havenhurst Dr. car accident issue in the coming year. For the past 10 years, I have honestly seen some of the worst accidents on that that have either resulted to serious injuries or death. This is an on going problem than needs to be seriously considered by the City. If a stop sign or a speed bump is out of the question, may be a No Left Turn between 5PM to 7PM would reduce the number accidents It seems this is when most of the crashes occur, when people are trying to make a left during rush hour. Just an idea…

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