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Possible Shots Fired, Man Screaming on Crescent Heights

Possible Shots Fired, Man Screaming on Crescent Heights – near Beverly, report of 9 possible gunshots ...

Report of Shots, Screaming after 4AM Party Ends

Los Angeles Police and Weho Sheriff’s deputies responded to Whiloughby and Alta Vista, including with a helicopter, at about 4AM. A report came in about a woman screaming following possibly two gunshots fired. Officers and deputies arrived to find...
Location of shooting at intersection of Lexington and Las Palmas

Man Shoots Girlfirend, Cops Shoot Him in Hollywood

A Los Angeles Police officer requested help, shots fired, at Lexington and Las Palmas in Hollywood, about 1:48pm. Police are telling news media that a man shot his girlfriend. When officers arrived, the man was holding a gun and they shot him. Initial...


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