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Cheeseburger from Irv's in West Hollywood

Irv’s Burgers is Still a Living Legend

Following a recommendation from the book and DVD Hamburger America by George Motz, a state by state guide to some of the best burgers in the country, the Fries With That Shake blog visited Irv’s Burgers right here in West Hollywood. Cheeseburger...
Photo: That’s a Burger! At Hamburger Mary’s

Photo: That’s a Burger! At Hamburger Mary’s

Photo: Whoa! At Hamburger Mary’s – RT @Flitz: @Synistar and my self are about to rock the Crazy stack! ...
The Summersetshire Cheeseburger as served at the Burger Kitchen, a new gourmet burger restaurant near the Original Farmers market that offers 22 kinds of burgers, including lamb, turkey and veggie dressed up with a variety of ingredients. (Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times)

Burger Kitchen: 26 Ways to Get a Burger Fix

Los Angeles is mad for burgers. We don’t just obsessively grill them in our sun-soaked backyards; we also gobble them down at a growing number of gourmet burger spots including Umami, 8 oz. Burger Bar and the Counter. The Summersetshire Cheeseburger...
Cheese, Wine and One Awesome Truffle Burger at Cube

Cheese, Wine and One Awesome Truffle Burger at Cube

(Cube’s popular cheese plate) It’s a sign of a good restaurant when you’re still thinking about your dinner two weeks later. We made early reservations for Cube Marketplace on 615 North La Brea Avenue, a cheese bar/cafe and gourmet...

‘The Counter’ West Hollywood Opens

RT @EyeOnWeho: Over 300,000 possible burger combinations…’The Counter’ West Hollywood opens today! 7919 Sunset Boulevard. ...


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