Woman Violently Stabbed near Paramount Studios

As Weho Daily reported last night, Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to Melrose Avenue near Irving, initially on a report of a shooting, but soon the incident was determined to be a stabbing. The incident occurred at about 9:30PM. According to ABC7, police believe it may have been an attempted robbery gone bad, with the attacker stabbing the woman five times in the abdomen. She was transported to the hospital and is expected to survive the wounds. Police say the suspect fled on foot but as of now they do not have a solid suspect description.

Banned from Chateau Marmont for a Tweet about Celebrity

Weho Daily reader Jenn Hoffman reports that she was banned from Chateau Marmont for a year… all because she sent out a tweet about what was going on around her on a recent visit. Apparently she observed Rachel Hunter acting erratically, doing splits and kicks in the middle of the restaurant.   As someone who is very active on social media, she of course turned to Twitter to recount the odd things happening. Fast forward a few days later… when she attempted to make a reservation, she was informed that wouldn’t be possible.

Driver Admits Being Drunk on Video after Laurel Accident

Please don’t drink and drive, folks.  You don’t want to end up on Weho Daily like this guy, or after a far bigger tragedy. A driver was making turning onto Laural from Fountain last night at about 11:15PM when multiple Weho Daily readers reported hearing a crash.  The Sheriff was soon en route to investigate. In the meantime, Brian Hamilton decided to break out his brand new Kodak Playtouch camera and went outside to investigate. “After 20 years living on the northwest corner of Fountain and Laurel, I’ve become quite adept at discerning the nature of a car accident by the sound,” said Hamilton.  “In this case, I heard a loud collision without the screech of brakes — which tells me that one of the drivers either dropped dead behind the wheel, or more likely was drunk.” While trying to keep the camera inconspicuous, he soon found the driver of a BMW making incriminating statements about his sobriety while begging the driver to accept a cash payment rather than involve the Sheriff:

“Can I just give you cash, bro?

Pink Poodle Day is Over the Top, Even for Richard Simmons

There isn’t really much to say here. Just watch the video. For some reason it was Pink Poodle Day at the Richard Simmons SLIMMONS Studio on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Yes, he actually teaches aerobics classes there himself. We know a number of people who go regularly…

Christians Hire Atheists to Care for Pets After the Rapture

They say it is not a joke, but the idea came from seeing a joke posted by someone else. An atheist created a site in England that said she’d take care of Christian-owned pets after the Rapture, and asked for a few dollars in PayPal. She promoted it as a joke, and it virally made the rounds on the internet. An Atheist came across the joke and asked a Christian friend… “Hey, if you get raptured, what happens to Petey?”

The Christian, Sharon Moss, didn’t have an answer.

Video: Large Tree Blown Down, Causes Damage on Harper

A large tree was blown over this afternoon leading into rush hour, causing a bit of traffic trouble in West Hollywood along with property damage. The tree was blown over around 4PM as area winds were kicking up and gusting to over 10 to 15 miles per hour. It landed on at least one vehicle and also took out a street light pole with it. Traffic was closed on Fountain for some time as workers with chainsaws were dispatched to the scene to begin cutting it to pieces. “A HUGE tree snapped & landed in the middle of Fountain!

Video Preview: VH1’s ‘Saddle Ranch’ from the Sunset Strip

Every year, thousands of young people come to Hollywood to chase their dreams and while they’re waiting to be discovered they’ve got to pay the bills. If they’re dynamic, outrageous, and lucky, they work at the Saddle Ranch Chop House right here on our world famous Sunset Strip. The money is good. One worker said that her best night brought in $1,500… for just one night.

Grand Opening for Vivienne Westwood Store on Melrose

Vivienne Westwood held the much anticipated grand opening of her Los Angeles store on Friday on Melrose Avenue. Anna Kendrick, Kristin Davis, Marilyn Manson, Christina Hendricks and Malin Akerman were among the stars at the opening, which is the first Vivienne Westwood store in the United States. The store is located at 8320 Melrose Ave. near Flores. “The feeling of the store is of a gallery with theatrical elements,” noted Paul McCourt, retail director for the 2,000-square-foot store, speaking with the Los Angeles Times.

Video: Glee’s Darren Criss Performs at The Office Weho

The Office, a new bar and restaurant in West Hollywood, held their official grand opening celebration last night.  It was a fundraiser benefiting Aids Project Los Angeles, featuring GLEE star Darren Criss.  About 150 people were able to enjoy an up close and personal one man show.