Party Bus Passengers Attack at 7-Eleven

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were called about what was initially reported as a fight, but soon evolved into a reported assault and battery.  They eventually learned the the victim was claiming that he was assaulted by passengers on a limo/party bus. Sheriff Crime Broadcast: Party Bus Assault at 7-Eleven on Holloway

The incident occurred at the 7-Eleven on Holloway and La Cienega, with suspects initiall reported as 3 to 4 black males. (A later report said 4 to 5 young males but did not identify a race.) They were said to be leaving the scene at the time of the initial report. Some deputies started searching the area for suspects based on the limited initial descriptions over the phone, while others responded to the scene.  But the alleged victim wasn’t there. After awhile, the deputies were starting to question the validity of the report as the victim seemed to be elusive.

Man with Whisky, No Pants Terrorizes Robertson Blvd

Los Angeles Police are respond this afternoon to a report that a man without pants, and a bottle of whisky in one hand, is chasing people around on Robertson. LAPD Dispatch: Man Without Pants Terrorizing Robertson Shoppers


The incident occurred around the celeb hotspots of The Ivy restaurant, Kitson and Newsroom Cafe. From the LAPD dispatch audio, it sounds like the incident was centered around the Intermix store. His pants have been up and down, and at one point he was chasing a terrified woman with a stroller. He later threw the whisky bottle at someone, and when it broke, started threatening people.

Video and Audio: LAPD Pinches Man by Pinches Tacos

Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a disturbance at Sunset and Crescent Heights in the early morning hours, just after 2AM. At least one suspect was taken into custody after fleeing down the block to the area near Havenhurst and Sunset, near Pinches Tacos. LAPD Audio: Assault and Fighting on Sunset and Crescent Heights

The report to police was about an assault with a deadly weapon and a group fighting with the security officer at the McDonalds near Sunset and Crescent Heights. An LAPD helicopter was first on the scene and witnessed some of the activity before parties started to flee, with the security guard giving chase. The helicopter reported the suspects as three males and one female.

Charlie Sheen’s Car Off Cliff: the Police/Fire Audio

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made right after Charlie Sheen noticed his Mercedes Benz had been jacked from Hollywood Hills Home. Weho Daily had the audio from LAPD’s dispatchers telling patrol cars about the accident, and now we’ve sent that to our friends at TMZ exclusively. Charlie Sheen’s Stolen Car: 911 & LAPD Audio

As TMZ previously reported, Sheen’s car was reported missing in the early hours of June 15 — and was discovered a short time later in a ditch off of Mulholland Drive. It was the second time one of Charlie’s rides was allegedly taken for a joyride and then ditched. So far, police have been unable to identify the culprit.

Listen: Bushy Haired Man Pulls Razor, Woman Offers Drugs

A “bushy” haired man was reported to Los Angeles Police a few minutes ago for pulling a razor on someone in Hollywood. He was accompanied by another male, and a woman who was drinking and offering drugs to people passing by. The trio were reported to be around the Pavilions grocery store at 717 Vine Street, near Melrose Avenue. LAPD officers were responding to the scene to have a chat with them about assault with deadly weapon charges, among others. LAPD Dispatch Audio: Bushy Haired Man and Associates at Pavilions

Gender Confused Bathing Suit Battery at Bardot

Los Angeles Police responded to a call of a battery in front of Bardot last night in Hollywood. And it was a bit confusing.  The incident occurred around 1:40AM. Reports came in to police about a man battering a black female in a multicolored bathing suit in the stret, near Hollywood Blvd and Selma. The victim was a black female, possibly under the influence of an unknown substance. The suspect was a black male in a black shirt and black pants.

Robbery on Olive Drive near Fountain Ave

A robbery occurred close to midnight on 1210 Olive Drive, between Fountain and Santa Monica Blvd.  The location is a block south from the House of Blues, so the victim might possibly have been walking down from the Sunset Strip area, perhaps to a parking location. The incident was first reported as a purse snatching at Kings Road and Santa Monica Blvd, which is where Sheriff’s deputies met up with the victim moments after it was reported to the Sheriff’s station over 911. It was a rather impressive response, as Weho Daily ran to windows to watch for the suspect while the call was coming out over the radio, and multiple units were already speeding around the area looking for the suspect. Sheriff Crime Broadcast: Robbery on Olive Drive

The suspect was described as a hispanic male, about 25 to 30 years old, 180 pounds, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.  For more details, please listen to the Sheriff’s crime broadcast. Unfortunately, the Sheriff was not able to immediately locate the suspect, however the did relay the crime information to nearby police agencies, and the LAPD had reported spotting a man fitting the suspect description.  That sighting location was being checked, and the investigation continuing.

Man Blocks Traffic, Stumbles from Vehicle on Sunset

Los Angeles Police responded to a report of a man appearing very intoxicated rolling out of his vehicle around Sunset Blvd and Crescent Heights. The call was distpatched shortly before 1PM, reporting the man had his drivers door open in traffic and was stumbling out of the car. LAPD Dispatch: Man Stumbling from Car on Sunset

Woman Bashes Car Windows with Crutch

The common crutch seems to be a popular weapon of choice, at least over the last 24 hours. Last night, a shirtless elderly male in this hills unleashed his on someone. And around 2:30pm today, substantially east of La Brea Ave, Los Angeles Police were responding to a report of an assault with deadly weapon (crutch) by a woman at Melrose Ave and Oxford. The woman jumped out of a car and started bashing another with it. LAPD Audio: Woman Bashing Car with Crutch

Range Rover and LAPD Chase Rolls Royce

A reportedly stolen Rolls Royce was followed by the alleged victim as he called 911 and reported the car stolen to the Los Angeles Police Department. The call came into the LAPD when the vehicle was near Hollywood and Highland.  It continued south Highland past Fountain, Santa Monica Blvd, and then was picked up by at least one LAPD patrol car as it made a turn right onto Melrose. LAPD Audio: Range Rover and LAPD chase Rolls Royce

The LAPD continued following down Melrose, without lights or sirens, waiting for other units to arrive on scene along with a helicopter before making a traffic stop. Finally, at around Sierra Bonita, the lead car initiated a traffic stop. This was presumably done with felony traffic stop protocol, with guns drawn, ordering the driver and any occupants out of the vehicle at gunpoint.