Dead Rooster Found in Weho Causes Santeria Concerns

A dead rooster was found this morning in West Hollywood, near Dorrington and San Vicente. We are working on getting more details, but so far we’re hearing that three similar occurrences happened last year in approximately the same location. The manner of death has caused the residents to fear that the animals could have been killed as a sacrifice, such as by someone practicing Santeria. The West Hollywood Sheriff was called out today to take a report, though we hear that at first the matter didn’t seem to be taken very seriously by deputies. We hope to have updated information in the coming days about the incident.

Oscars Say No to Banksy Request to Appear in Disguise

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a request to the Oscars from Banksy, the mysterious street artist who has been causing a stir around West Hollywood and the surrounding area of late, has told the British press his request to turn up at this week’s Oscars in disguise in a bid to keep his identity a secret, has been declined. Academy executive director Bruce Davis told Entertainment Week: “The fun but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying, “I’m Banksy,” who the hell do we give it [award] to?” The artist is up for best documentary for his film Exit Through The Gift Shop. Banksy has recently hit Los Angeles with a number of works, including some in the West Hollywood area. One on a burnt out building near Sunset Blvd and La Cienega was cut out of the wall by some mysterious men early one evening and then appeared on eBay, and another posted on a billboard near Fairfax and Sunset almost caused a fight to break out over the artwork when the billboard company took it down.

Banksy Street Art Fever and Mystery Hits Los Angeles

A well known street artist by the name of Banksy has been making his mark… literally… on West Hollywood and surrounding areas of Los Angeles. The anonymous Banksy displays his art on public surfaces such as walls and even going as far as to build physical prop pieces. Banksy’s first film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, billed as “the world’s first street art disaster movie”, made its debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Does L.A. Traffic Affect Who Has a Valentine?

This seems to be a fitting story for Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles. KPCC reports on how traffic may be affecting dating… KPCC’s Karen Fritsche faced a common LA dilemma – how do you manage your love life in SoCal, where dating can involve hours of driving? Karen came up with a scientific solution. (Since this piece originally aired, Karen has found true love, and they live together.

East of La Brea: Moby’s Home Invaded by Acid Tripper

Moby posted to his blog a a few weeks ago about an acid tripping visitor to his home that he was surprised to find sitting in his living room upon waking up…. (hat tip to LA Weekly and LAist for finding this). UPDATE: Apparently Moby lives in the Griffith Park area. The actual post to his blog follows this TMZ video where he recently spoke about the episode. this morning i woke up and there was a complete stranger sitting in my living room.

Mime or Clown Wanted for Jewelry Theft on Melrose

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to Richard Shapiro Antiques on Melrose Avenue this afternoon on a report of a theft of numerous jewelry items.

The incident occurred at about 2:15pm at the store located at 8905 Melrose Ave. The suspect was described as a mime or a clown, though as more information became available the deputies were leaning towards the description of a clown.   The suspect was a black male wearing makeup, a red hat, and red and white polka dots on the costume. He was also said to be a fast runner, and was last seen on Almont heading north towards Santa Monica Blvd. A Sheriff’s helicopter responded to the area to assist in the search, but they came up empty handed.