Transient Hammer Attack at Wendy’s on Sunset

Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a report of a man attacking another man with a hammer at the Wendy’s restaurant at Sunset Blvd and Detroit St at about 11:55am today. The suspect was described as a white male with blond, possibly reddish blond hair, with a beard, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans.  He was carrying a black backpack.  He is about 5’5″ tall and 170 pounds. He was reported to have assaulted a black male wearing no shirt. The individuals involved may have been transients. LAPD officers did not immediately locate the suspect, and said that he was last seen northbound on La Brea.  He is wanted on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Is that a Rabbit in Your Pocket? Why Yes, Yes It Is

Is that a Rabbit in Your Pocket? Why Yes It Is – drunk male in camouflage harassing passersby, has a baby rabbit in pocket, LAPD responding. On Sunset Blvd near Vista. Several readers have reported seeing the man, sometimes on Melrose. Unfortunately, it seems that authorities don’t take the rabbit away from the man, or he has a continuing supply of them.

Supermarket Shenanigans Hit Pavilions, Whole Foods

There have been a number of shenanigans reported to be going on at area markets today. At around 12:45pm, a man was reported to have grabbed 6 bottles of 1800 tequila and fled the Pavilions store in West Hollywood.  The suspect was described as a black male about 45 years old wearing a black backpack. Then, around 2:30pm, there was a report of a man in the parking lot at the same store who reportedly urinated on a woman’s vehicle and exposed himself.  He was described as a male white adult wearing a white shirt and jeans, and carrying a paper bag. At about 3pm, there was an altercation between a security guard and transient at Whole Foods on Santa Monica Blvd and Fairfax that resulted in pepper spray being deployed, most likely by the security guard on the transient.  The initial report said that one man had been struck in the face with a club with a club before being pepper sprayed.

Drunk Man Throwing Traffic Cones, Wants to Fight

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are responding to the area around Voyeur. A transient is apparently drunk and causing a scene near the club, located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. The report says that the man is throwing traffic cones into the street and is challenging people to a fight.

Man with Shopping Cart Threatens to Kill with Bottle

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were investigating a report of an assault with deadly weapon at about 2:30pm today. The incident was said to have occurred on the 1200 block of Sweetzer, where a man with a shopping cart was reported to have raised a bottle from the cart while making a verbal threat to kill the victim. That the man was reportedly pushing a shopping cart with at least one bottle raises the question of whether the suspect was one of the area scavengers.  The city is talking about passing an ordinance to ban scavenging activity for public safety and quality of life reasons. Read more about the City’s efforts around scavengers.

Transient Dies at Sunset Blvd Gas Station

We’re still trying to learn more information about this incident, but reader Rose Cohen asked us this morning about police activity around the car wash or gas station at Sunset Blvd near Laurel Ave this morning. She reported the area was taped off ar0und the car wash exit, and LAPD officers were there in full force. Our initial research shows that LAPD officers were called to the gas station for a death investigation around 7:30am.  The location is at 7979 Sunset Blvd, between Laurel and Hayworth. UPDATE: We contacted the LAPD in Hollywood at about 11am, and they said that homicide detectives are investigating, but it appears at this time that it is likely going to be a natural death of a female transient.

West Hollywood Clamps Down on Scavenger Recyclers

Park La Brea News reports that after years of resident complaints, the City of West Hollywood is drafting an ordinance that would make it easier to cite, arrest and prosecute people who go through city trash and recycling bins. While some want to be sympathetic to the scavengers, there are very real quality-of-life and public safety issues around the practice. Lauren Meister, president of the West Hollywood West Residents Association, outlined some of the concerns of residents in the report, including scavenging at odd hours, the possibility of identity theft or burglaries, and the mess created by some of the scavengers. Park La Brea News profiles one scavenger named Lansing Beard, a 53-year-old army veteran, who said, “I can see her perspective. You’re back there, you’re making all this noise, leaving a mess.

Assault by Transient with Pipe at Apartment Building

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1200 block of North Formosa Ave. just after 2pm today on a report of a transient wielding a pipe. The report said a shirtless Hispanic male adult was threatening the residents, who were arguing with the transient. He was apparently disarmed before the Sheriff arrived, and he was quickly detained once they did make it to the scene moments later. The call initially went out as a disturbance and person acting suspiciously, but was almost immediately upgraded to a possible assault with deadly weapon call as the units responded.

Man with No Shirt, No Shoes Freaks Out at CVS

The West Hollywood Sheriff has been busy in and around the CVS on La Cienega and Santa Monica Blvd tonight. Just a little while ago, they had a man passed out in his car… it seems like it might have been next to the curb on La Cienega, where they called a tow truck after being on the scene awhile. Guess the guy may not have been driving himself home after they conducted their DUI investigation. Then, just now, they had a report of a man with no shirt and now shoes freaking out near the pharmacy.