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Zackariah Timothy Lehnen, descirbed as a transient, was arrested in connection with a Culver City double murder.

Transient Arrested in Weho for Culver City Double Murder

Zackariah Timothy Lehnen was arrested in connection with a Culver City double murder. A transient wanted as a suspect in a double murder in Culver City was arrested early this morning in West Hollywood. We don’t yet know much about when and where...

Transient Randomly Attacks Woman near Sunset Plaza

A transient man was reported to have randomly attacked a woman on Sunset Blvd on Tuesday for no apparent reason, however initial calls to 911 indicated that some witnesses believed a robbery was taking place. The incident occurred at Sunset Blvd and Alta...

Man in Hollywood Hitting People Who Don’t Give Money

man at vine and hollywood asking for money, hitting them if they just walk by a WordPress rating system

Transient Relaxes on Grass Covered in Chocolate Cake

Suspicious Person Reported at Fountain and Detroit – wearing a chocolate cake, and apparently not a costume. sounds like a transient. Update: the Sheriff confirmed that a transient was indeed “wearing” a chocolate cake… was covered...

Transient with Booze in Hand Harassing News Crew

about 30 mins ago: male transient with booze in hand harassing news crew at la brea and santa monica blvd a WordPress rating system

Transient Hammer Attack at Wendy’s on Sunset

Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a report of a man attacking another man with a hammer at the Wendy’s restaurant at Sunset Blvd and Detroit St at about 11:55am today. The suspect was described as a white male with blond, possibly...

Is that a Rabbit in Your Pocket? Why Yes, Yes It Is

Is that a Rabbit in Your Pocket? Why Yes It Is – drunk male in camouflage harassing passersby, has a baby rabbit in pocket, LAPD responding. On Sunset Blvd near Vista. Several readers have reported seeing the man, sometimes on Melrose. Unfortunately,...

Supermarket Shenanigans Hit Pavilions, Whole Foods

There have been a number of shenanigans reported to be going on at area markets today. At around 12:45pm, a man was reported to have grabbed 6 bottles of 1800 tequila and fled the Pavilions store in West Hollywood.  The suspect was described as a black...

Drunk Man Throwing Traffic Cones, Wants to Fight

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are responding to the area around Voyeur. A transient is apparently drunk and causing a scene near the club, located at 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. The report says that the man is throwing traffic cones into the street...


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