Police Arrest ‘Tourist Bandit’ Bank Robbery Suspect

Los Angeles Police arrested a suspect they believe to be a bank robber nicknamed the “Tourist Bandit” on Friday in Hollywood. The FBI has been seeking the man after a string of bank robberies in the Los Angeles area, including the Bank of America location in West Hollywood. As previously reported by Weho Daily, the West Hollywood robbery occurred at the Bank of America branch on Santa Monica Blvd near Crescent Heights last Monday, August 22. The man entered the branch and said he had a bomb before making off with cash from the teller. CBS2/KCAL reports that LAPD officers arrested Rex Lutton on Friday after he attempted to rob a customer inside a bank on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.

T-Mobile Store Robbed at West Hollywood Gateway

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a robbery at the T-Mobile store at the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center this evening. The incident occurred just after 8PM. Two suspects entered the store and demanded cash and mobile phones before fleeing the location. The cash and merchandise was stuffed into a duffel bag. Suspects were described as two white males, both about 25 years of age and 5’7 in height.

Early Morning Armed Robbery on Doheny, Others Near Weho

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery on Doheny near Sunset Blvd early this morning. The incident occurred on the 1000 block of Doheny at about 2:20AM this morning. Suspects were described as two black males, both about 20 to 30 years old. One was about 6 feet tall with a light build, the other about 5’7″ tall, armed with a revolver. They were last seen running north on Doheny to Sunset.

Sheriff Nabs Robbery Suspects from License Plate Number

As Weho Daily previously reported, West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery on the evening of Wednesday, May 11 at approximately 11:10PM. The victims were walking in the area of Fountain and Fairfax, in the City of West Hollywood when a man jumped out of a Cadillac SUV and approached them, displaying a handgun. The suspect demanded their property before fleeing the scene in the SUV, being driven by an accomplice. Lt. Lawrence Del Mese from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station later told us that the victims were able to obtain the license plate number to the vehicle. Responding deputies broadcast the vehicle description based on the information provided by the victims. Deputies ran the license plate number to obtain more information about the vehicle.

Two Arrested in Shotgun Murders, Third for Robberies

Los Angeles Police appear to be making quick progress on a spree of robberies and murders using a shotgun. As Weho Daily first reported, an intensive effort began late on Tuesday night that included the unusual step of putting the entire LAPD West Los Angeles Bureau on tactical alert through the night as they pursued leads on the case. Three people are in custody in connection with the robberies. One is also a suspect in two murders, and another is said to have been involved in at least one of those murders. The investigation into the spree of crimes is ongoing, so more charges could be forthcoming.

Arrests Made in Shotgun Robberies, Possible Murder Ties

As Weho Daily was first to report late on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department was seeking a suspect believed to be tied to numerous robberies with a shotgun in LAPD’s Olympic and Wilshire divisions, and possibly the murder of an MTV employee early on Sunday morning. A second suspect was also being sought who may have been involved. In an unusual move, the LAPD West Los Angeles Bureau was on tactical alert through the night working on the case. That work paid off and arrests were announced on Wednesday afternoon. Police said that the suspects may be tied to more than 9 different robberies and they are investigating whether a link can be made to the murder of the MTV employee.

Assault, Robbery Near Club Eleven on Santa Monica Blvd

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies were on the scene of a robbery that occurred near the Eleven nightclub on Santa Monica Blvd. The incident occurred just after midnight. Deputies were initially dispatched on a report of a fight and in canvassing the area, they traced the incident to the area of the Santa Palm Car Wash and discovered that the incident originated around Eleven nightclub. Several male suspects were said to have stolen a Rolex watch and Versace sunglasses from the victim, using bodily force. The suspects were described as two Hispanic males with mohawks, and two Black males dressed in “preppie” attire.

Man Says He was Kidnapped from Bus Stop and Robbed

Detectives with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department are investigating a very unusual incident where a man claimed to have been kidnapped from a bus stop at gunpoint. He said he was then beaten up and robbed before he was released a few blocks from where the incident began. An incident of this type — committed in broad daylight and involving a kidnapping — is very unusual. Some details were obtained by Weho Daily from the victim’s own account to both LAPD officers and Sheriff’s deputies.  We can’t say how factually correct the account is or if there is more to the incident that we don’t know about. The incident was said to have occurred at Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea, where the victim said he was waiting for a bus around 4PM on Tuesday.  Two individuals parked in a white SUV in the Carl’s Jr. lot nearby called him over to the vehicle, and he went over to see what they wanted.

Transient Randomly Attacks Woman near Sunset Plaza

A transient man was reported to have randomly attacked a woman on Sunset Blvd on Tuesday for no apparent reason, however initial calls to 911 indicated that some witnesses believed a robbery was taking place. The incident occurred at Sunset Blvd and Alta Loma at about 3:45PM in broad daylight. A number of Weho Daily readers were near the scene and provided a few details about the incident. “Some crazy guy punched a lady and went for her purse. He was tackled by bystanders,” said Donny Aldo.

News Crew Gets Caught in Search for Robbery Suspects

A Bloomberg news crew got wrapped up in a little more excitement than the paparazzi story they were working on this afternoon.  Their vehicle happened to be similar to one that an LAPD helicopter was searching for in the Sunset Strip area, and they were stopped in the Sunset Plaza parking lot and detained at gunpoint. The crew happened to be driving around on Sunset Blvd. shortly after a robbery occurred in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Wilshire Division.  Apparently, LAPD became aware that the suspects were using credit cards obtained in the robbery on the Sunset Strip, so a police helicopter came to the area to search for the suspect vehicle. In fact, the robbery suspects very well could have been in the area, as another robbery was reported on the 8900 block of Shoreham Dr. at almost the same time as the helicopter was searching.  The suspects were described as two Hispanic males, in their 30’s, both unshaven, and driving a newer dark Yukon type vehicle.  They used a semiautomatic black handgun to commit the robbery. Beverly Hills Police also reported a residential robbery in the minutes following, with initial suspect and vehicle information that indicated there could be a link to even another crime.