Driver Admits Being Drunk on Video after Laurel Accident

Please don’t drink and drive, folks.  You don’t want to end up on Weho Daily like this guy, or after a far bigger tragedy. A driver was making turning onto Laural from Fountain last night at about 11:15PM when multiple Weho Daily readers reported hearing a crash.  The Sheriff was soon en route to investigate. In the meantime, Brian Hamilton decided to break out his brand new Kodak Playtouch camera and went outside to investigate. “After 20 years living on the northwest corner of Fountain and Laurel, I’ve become quite adept at discerning the nature of a car accident by the sound,” said Hamilton.  “In this case, I heard a loud collision without the screech of brakes — which tells me that one of the drivers either dropped dead behind the wheel, or more likely was drunk.” While trying to keep the camera inconspicuous, he soon found the driver of a BMW making incriminating statements about his sobriety while begging the driver to accept a cash payment rather than involve the Sheriff:

“Can I just give you cash, bro?

Shots Fired, Vehicle Hits Pedestrians at Whisky after Fight

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene of a fight that turned much more violent near the Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip overnight. The incident unfolded as a call was dispatched by the Sheriff at about 11:18PM regarding approximately six white males and one hispanic male fighting near the Whisky. According to the Sheriff’s department, a verbal altercation started inside the club and became physical when a suspect, later identified as Jesus Gomez, and victim moved outside. Several other male suspects joined In the altercation and began hitting and kicking the victim while he was on the ground. The victim was so badly beaten that a witness said he was barely breathing.

Drunk Girl with ‘Awful Pink Weave’ Backs Hummer into Kia

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded tonight to the scene of a traffic collision where an (allegedly) drunk driver (allegedly) tried to flee the scene. The accident happened at about 6:30PM on Santa Monica Blvd near San Vicente, in front of Fiesta Cantina.   The report said that a large Hummer ran into a much smaller Kia. Witnesses on the scene said that the driver of the Hummer appeared drunk and attempted to leave.  It seems that someone snatched her keys, however.   Sheriff’s deputies arrived moments later, with the incident occurring across the street from the Sheriff’s station. The location of the accident, in front of the gay bars, resulted in quite a crowd spectating at the scene.  According to Weho Daily reader Daniel Jones, “even Bobby Trendy came by to see the mess!” “An unknown blonde girl with an awful pink weave walked out of Fiesta Cantina and hopped into her H2 Hummer,” said Jones of the suspect.

Emotional Family Speaks at Fatal Hit and Run Sentencing

As previously reported, Ryan Bowman, the Australian businessman who has entered a guilty plea in the dramatic hit and run incident that took the life of Lauren Ann Freeman on the Sunset Strip, was due for sentencing in Beverly Hills Court on Friday. It was an emotional hearing filled with nine, tear-filled impact statements from family and friends. A video was played showing photographs of Lauren as a baby through to the last taken of her.  Her father recounted saying goodbye to his daughter at the morgue, where her hands were covered by gloves as they were so damaged, and he kissed her “freezing cold” face one last time. Bowman also addressed the family and court, and with his voice trembling said he is ashamed and will be “forever haunted” by his actions and Lauren’s death. He was sentenced to364 days in a pay-to-stay detention center in Seal Beach, but he will be allowed to leave the facility between 8AM and 5PM one day per week for work.   With good behavior, he may be released in just over 6 months.  He was scheduled to have turned himself on Saturday.

Fatal Sunset Strip Hit and Run Suspect Strikes Plea Deal

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Australian businessman who struck and killed a pedestrian on the Sunset Strip in his Bentley then fled the scene has struck a deal to plead guilty to reduced charges. Ryan Bowman will plead guilty of leaving the scene of a collision, a charge that was reduced from the initial charge of felony hit-and-run. He is to be sentenced on Friday in Judge Elden Fox’s courtroom in Beverly Hills. He will serve time in a private “pay to stay” city jail, according to the report in the Times. Lauren Ann Freeman died in the November accident on Sunset when Bowman’s Bentley struck her in a crosswalk.

Van Hits Santa Palm Car Wash Worker in Hit and Run

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene sorting out the details of an apparent hit and run collision where a pedestrian was hit by a van near the Santa Palm Car Wash on Santa Monica Blvd. The investigation is still underway so details are hazy, but it appears that a van registered to a West Hollywood address is the suspect vehicle.  The victim is a worker at the car wash. Deputies are in the process of collecting information on the incident and may have located the vehicle and driver at the address where the van is registered. Further details are not available at this time and we don’t know the extent of any injuries that might have been sustained in the incident.

LAPD Car Hit on Fairfax, Suspect Flees on Foot

Fairfax Avenue was closed between San Vicente/Olympic and Pico this evening after a vehicle struck an LAPD car. The accident occurred at about 9:15PM on Fairfax around Whitworth. Police were looking for the driver of the vehicle, and possibly a passenger, who fled on foot.  LAPD officers were searching a within a perimeter they established for several blocks surrounding the scene. A live shot of the scene from KTLA showed officers being taken away on stretchers, however injuries were not known at the time.

Hit & Run Suspect Free, Not Charged for Manslaughter

Ryan Bowman, the suspect in the hit and run death of Lauren Ann Freeman, is free after a hearing in Beverly Hills Court on Monday. Charges of involuntary manslaughter were not pursued by the prosecutor during the hearing, but Sheriff”s spokesman Steve Whitmore told Australia’s Daily Telegraph that police investigations were ongoing and a heavier charge remained a possibility. “This sort of thing doesn’t happen often but it does happen and any charge can be amended,” he said. According to media reports, prosecutors charged Bowman with one felony count of leaving the scene of an accident where there has been bodily injury or death.   With the decreased charge, the $2 million bail was reduced to $50,000. A report in the Sydney Morning Herald says that “two hours after the court appearance, Bowman attempted to slip by the media by exiting the court building through a backdoor where an associate was waiting in a black Audi.”

Girls Gone Wild: No Relationship with Hit & Run Suspect

Girls Gone Wild released the following statement on Monday about their relationship with Ryan Bowman, the suspect in the hit and run death of Lauren Ann Freeman on the Sunset Strip. “Girls Gone Wild has received numerous media requests regarding Ryan Bowman.  First and foremost our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Lauren Ann Freeman.   News headlines have alleged Mr. Bowman is a Girls Gone Wild employee OR is in some way affiliated with Girls Gone Wild. This information is inaccurate.

Australian Accused in Hit and Run Hires Top Lawyer

The Australian businessman accused in the hit and run accident on the Sunset Strip that left a 21 year old woman dead has hired a top flight attorney to represent him. Ryan Bowman is being held on $2 million bail, which was raised from an initial amount of $100,000. Sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Whitmore said that the increased bail is due to the seriousness of the alleged crime, and because his foreign citizenship makes him more of a flight risk. According to The Age, an Australian newspaper, Bowman has hired Blair Berk, who has represented celebrities including Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan, Halle Berry and Reese Witherspoon. He is scheduled to appear in Beverly Hills Court on Monday.