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Hollywood Synagogue Arsonist Charged with 19 Felonies

Hollywood Synagogue Arsonist Charged with 19 Felonies

An alleged arsonist accused of setting a fire inside a classroom at a Hollywood synagogue and other structures was charged today with more than a dozen felonies. Deputy District Attorney Sean Carney of the Arson Section said Dmitriy Sheyko, 21, is expected...
Suspect in arson and burglary of temple on Hollywood Blvd.

Police Investigate Burglary and Fire at Hollywood Synagogue

Los Angeles Police Department officers set up a crime scene today at a Hollywood Blvd. synagogue following a fire and report of a burglary at around 8:30AM. The occurred at Temple Israel of Hollywood in the 7300 block of Hollywood Blvd. Fox LA reported...
Tree blown down on Harper near Fountain. (Photo: @MoreFromLeslie for Weho Daily)

Video: Large Tree Blown Down, Causes Damage on Harper

A large tree was blown over this afternoon leading into rush hour, causing a bit of traffic trouble in West Hollywood along with property damage. The tree was blown over around 4PM as area winds were kicking up and gusting to over 10 to 15 miles per hour....
Firefighter on top of The Roxy marquee next to one of the giant Gibson guitars that line the Sunset Strip for a special exhibition. (Photo: Lauren Rothman)

The Roxy Gets Extra Hot with Small Electrical Fire

Customers at The Roxy were rockin’ out as usual last night when smoke coming from the neon in front of the building provided a little more excitement than anyone was hoping for. Smoke was spotted coming from the marquee area of the club, located...
LAPD bomb quad on Vine in Hollywood during the countdown to the Oscars. (Photo: Liz Edgar for Weho Daily)

Bomb Squad Closes Sunset and Vine for Suspicious Package

Traffic issues around Hollywood today due to the Academy Awards hit an extra snag this afternoon when the LAPD responded to a report of a suspicious package on Vine near Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles Police responded to the incident just before noon and...
Police Search Hills Home for Criminal Fire Investigation

Police Search Hills Home for Criminal Fire Investigation

Los Angeles Police Department officers have been in the Hollywood Hills at what is now a crime scene at the home where a Los Angeles Fire Department firefighter suffered injuries that led to his death. The fire occurred last week, on February 16, when...
Veteran Firefighter Glenn Allen of the LAFD lost his life in the line of duty following a fire fight in the Hollywood Hills.

Firefighter Injured in Hollywood Hills Fire Passes Away

The firefighter who was gravely injured in a partial ceiling collapse while battling a blaze just up the hill from the Sunset Strip has passed away from his injuries. On Wednesday at approximately 11:19 PM, ten Fire Companies, one Heavy Rescue, one USAR...

Hollywood Hills Fire Leaves 6 Firefighters Hurt, 1 Critical

West Hollywood was awash in sirens for over an hour last night as dozens of fire and emergency crews rushed to the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip for a structure fire at a 6,000 square foot home. As we reported live on Twitter last night during...
Foam used to extinguish fire pours from a limo on La Brea (photo: @BigEyedMisha for Weho Daily)

Photo: Aftermath of Limo Fire on La Brea near Venice Blvd

Oh my RT @BigEyedMisha: @wehodaily Limo on fire, La Brea north of Venice bl. That’s a party that got out of hand Foam used to extinguish fire pours from a limo on La Brea (photo: @BigEyedMisha for Weho Daily) ...


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