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West Hollywood Sheriffs deputies take a suspect into custody after a deputy-involved fight.

LAPD Patrol Car Crashes in Response to Aid Sheriff

West Hollywood Sheriffs deputies take a suspect into custody after a deputy-involved fight. (Photo: @TheeLoLo for Weho Daily) An LAPD patrol car, possibly en route to backup a Sheriff’s deputy, was involved in a traffic collision during rush hour...

Man Stabbed in Group Fight near Wonderland Nightclub

Los Angeles Police responded to a report of a large fight outside the Wonderland nightclub in Hollywood early this morning and found that a person had been stabbed during the incident. LAPD officers responded to a report of approximately 50 male Asians...

Assault with Bottle, Gun Brandished in Boys Town Fight

Wet Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an assault with deadly weapon early this morning at Santa Monica Blvd and Larrabee. The incident was reported at about 2:20AM and deputies were on the scene in moments, detaining four individuals...
Victims treated after being run down by a vehicle near the Whisky.

Shots Fired, Vehicle Hits Pedestrians at Whisky after Fight

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene of a fight that turned much more violent near the Whisky-a-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip overnight. The incident unfolded as a call was dispatched by the Sheriff at about 11:18PM regarding approximately...

Person Hit in the Face with Glass Bottle at Rage Nightclub

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies and fire and rescue personnel responded to Rage nightclub at 8911 Santa Monica Blvd at about 12:45AM on Saturday morning for a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. The report stated that an individual had...
Mike Komisarek

NHL Star Accused of Punching Woman in Nightclub

(TMZ) – Toronto Maple Leafs all-star Mike Komisarek is on thin ice with the LAPD — after the hockey player allegedly punched a woman in the face at an L.A. nightclub earlier this month … TMZ has learned. Mike Komisarek Law enforcement...

Video: Las Palmas Fight Results in Bloody Nose, Arrests

Via Hollywood TV, we found this video of the aftermath of a fight on Las Palmas a couple of nights ago. Towards the end of the video, the man with a bloody and possibly broken nose appears to make a field identification of the suspects sitting in the...
Some of the fighting near Empire Nightclub (photo: Benton Kubicki)

Fights in Hollywood after Overcrowded Club Closed

Los Angeles Police brought in a massive presence to deal with a large, unruly crowd from the Empire Nightclub last night after it was closed down for overcrowding. The club, located at 1716 N Cahuenga Blvd, was hosting a rap performance. Some of the fighting...


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