Jewelry Store Burrowing Burglary Fails on Interruption

An apparent burglar attempted to burrow his way into a jewelry store at Santa Monica Blvd and Fairfax on Tuesday night but was scared away when the owner of the business happened to stop at the store before anything was stolen. West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to the store at about 10:45PM Tuesday on a report that a hole had been opened up into the business from a vacant storefront next door. When the owner of the jewelry store entered the premises, he observed the hole and light coming through it. The light in the adjacent business was then turned off. He exited the business and called 911 to report the incident.

Intruder Caught at Councilmember D’Amico’s Home

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Rugby Drive at about 5:30AM on a report of a man attempting to enter Councilmember John D’Amico’s home. The call was dispatched saying that a shirtless white male had removed a screen and was attempting to climb into the residence. The man was scared off by large dogs in the home, according to Michelle Rex of Councilmember D’Amico’s office. The suspect fled into the back yard of the residence and hid but was seen by people inside the home who pointed out his location to responding Deputies. The man was quickly detained for an investigation.

Window Smash, Designer Handbag Theft Caught on Tape

A burglar got away with thousands of dollars worth of designer handbags from a West Hollywood luxury boutique early this morning, but the crime was caught on tape. The suspect was seen smashing the window to the Mayfair House store on Beverly Blvd at about 2AM this morning. A golf club was used to smash the window and then to fish out over $10,000 worth of high end handbags from display shelving inside the business. For some reason, the alarm system did not activate, giving the suspect extra time to commit the crime. Also, some street lights in the area were disabled for an unknown reason, and the store is in touch with the power company to find out if that is related.

Man Convicted in Laurel Canyon Home Invasion Robbery

A jury deliberated less than an hour today before convicting the last of four people charged with a 2009 Hollywood Hills home invasion robbery that left a man and his dog wounded. Deputy District Attorney Amy Ashvanian said the jury found Phillip Anthony Pandy, 33, guilty of all counts, including home invasion robbery, attempted murder, cruelty to an animal, possession of a firearm by a felon and an allegation of personally discharging a firearm causing great bodily injury. He returns June 28 for sentencing by Judge Bob Bowers Jr. He is facing life in prison. Pandy and co-defendants Jerry Dean Cunningham, 19, Elizabeth Hernandez, 25, and Uriel Salomon Miranda, 19, all drove to the victim’s home in the 8200 block of Mannix Drive, in Laurel Canyon, shortly after midnight on Dec. 16.

Inebriated Man Breaking into Home Tackled by Resident

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress on Formosa this morning and arrived to find the suspect being subdued by the resident and a neighbor. The incident occurred at about 11AM today on the 1200 block of Formosa Ave., near Lexington.  Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene within a few minutes of the report. Sgt. Bowman of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station told Weho Daily that it appeared that the man was under the influence of some sort of substance. The suspect was transported to the hospital after the incident and will likely face burglary charges.

Door Bashed to Hills Home, Burglary Suspects Flee

Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to Queens Road above the Sunset Strip today on a report that the door to a residence had been bashed in with a battering ram or other object. Apparently, they were spotted during the act by either the resident or a neighbor and the suspects then fled. Police were handling the incident as an attempted burglary. Officers responded to the scene within minutes of the report, which came in at about 12:45PM.  Units on the ground and in the air via helicopter began combing the area for suspects.  West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies were also informed about the incident and asked to keep an eye open for the suspects.

Mime or Clown Wanted for Jewelry Theft on Melrose

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to Richard Shapiro Antiques on Melrose Avenue this afternoon on a report of a theft of numerous jewelry items.

The incident occurred at about 2:15pm at the store located at 8905 Melrose Ave. The suspect was described as a mime or a clown, though as more information became available the deputies were leaning towards the description of a clown.   The suspect was a black male wearing makeup, a red hat, and red and white polka dots on the costume. He was also said to be a fast runner, and was last seen on Almont heading north towards Santa Monica Blvd. A Sheriff’s helicopter responded to the area to assist in the search, but they came up empty handed.

LAPD Search for Burglars at Hollywood Gelson’s

Los Angeles Police Department officers were called to the Gelson’s supermarket in Hollywood at Franklin Ave and Bronson at about 3:30AM this morning on a report of a possible burglary. The witness reporting the burglary said that suspects were seen inside the location and had not exited before officers arrived.  A window was also smashed at the business. LAPD officers were on the scene for more than three hours making entry into the business and searching the large interior for the suspects.  A helicopter was overhead for much of that time and officers brought in a K9 search dog. No suspect had been found during the search up until about 7AM, however officers were still on the scene and in the process of checking nearby residential yards.

More Window Smash Burglaries, but Sheriff Nabs Suspects

At least three additional window smash burglaries occurred overnight in West Hollywood, adding to the string of businesses hit overnight Sunday, but the Sheriff has apprehended two suspects in connection with the crimes. Windows were smashed at the Flowering Tree and Green Leaves businesses on Santa Monica Blvd near Harper sometime around 4AM.  Two suspects were found nearby bleeding from cuts on their hands and in possession of items that may have been taken from the inside of the businesses. Later this morning, at around 7AM, deputies responded to a report of another business with a smashed window further west on Santa Monica Blvd.  The window was broken and door slightly ajar at the Half Off store near Westmount.  The damage was reported by a passerby and it wasn’t immediately known when it had occurred or if the Sheriff found evidence to tie this incident to the suspects that were apprehended. Blood was left at the scene at multiple incidents over the last few days which should aid the Sheriff in making a conclusive determination about the involvement of these suspects in at least some of the crimes. UPDATE: Detective Taylor with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station tells us that two suspects have been arrested in connection with up to 6 business burglaries over the last 48 hours.   He was unable to provide many more details as the case is still under investigation.

Windows Smashed in Central Weho Business Burglaries

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a number of business burglaries this morning on Santa Monica Blvd in the same general central Weho area hit by several robberies last night. At least two businesses were hit, possibly more.   We’re still gathering information about this story and will post updated information as it becomes available. Those businesses victimized by the burglaries included Joey’s Cafe and the Sweet Chili restaurant, both located close to Sweetzer on Santa Monica Blvd.