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Sewer Rate Hikes: $50 Million Answer to $2 Million Problem

Alan Bernstein writes in a Weho News op-ed: Last year the City of West Hollywood sent cameras into our sewer lines and their reports indicate there is a substantial amount of work required on the nearly 90 year old system. A well-placed source within...
Fountain Ave: Speeding Traffic to Where?

Fountain Ave: Speeding Traffic to Where?

I ventured out for a quick jaunt to the 7-11 on Holloway and La Cienega this morning and witnessed something I feel fortunate to avoid most days – morning rush hour traffic. And it led me to an armchair traffic expert theory as to what might improve...

West Follywood: Are We Gridlocked, Angry and Elitist?

L.A. Weekly’s cover story this week is an extensive discussion of West Hollywood and its politics. They interviewed dozens of activists, city officials and residents about how West Hollywood does its civic business. The newspaper covers a range...


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