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Lindsay Lohan Sued for WeHo Nanny Car Accident

(TMZ) – Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a nanny who claims LiLo creamed her in a Maserati. The accident occurred in September, 2010. TMZ broke the story … a witness claimed he saw Lindsay run a red light in her sports car in West Hollywood,...

Yogurt Stop Sued Over Height of Coat Hook in Bathroom

ABC7 reports that Yogurt Stop here in West Hollywood is named in one of hundreds of lawsuits by a disabled illegal immigrant man and convicted felon against small businesses. The man, Alfredo Garcia, alleges that the coat hook and mirror in the bathroom...

CEO of National Lampoon Embroiled in Alleged Ponzi Collapse

Timothy Durham, the chief executive of West Hollywood based National Lampoon, is embroiled in controversy in the wake of the collapse of Fair Finance, a company he formerly controlled, reports the Los Angeles Business Journal. The report says that last...
Sofia Vergara’s BF Blames L.A. City for Horrific Crash

Sofia Vergara’s BF Blames L.A. City for Horrific Crash

(TMZ) – Sofia Vergara’s boyfriend claims the brutal car crash that nearly killed him — and left him with several gruesome injuries — only happened because the City of L.A. failed to properly maintain the road … this according...

Hollywood Foreign Press Sued Days Before Golden Globes

(TMZ) – The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, based in West Hollywood on Robertson Blvd, has just been slapped with a lawsuit.  The suit comes just days before the Golden Globes and was filed by a public relations firm that is claiming they...


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