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Little-ish cast members in Snow White and the Huntsman

’100 Midget March’ Called to Protest Snow White Casting

Little-ish cast members in Snow White and the Huntsman (TMZ) – Little people across Hollywood are rising up against the producers of “Snow White and the Huntsman” — for casting tall people in the role of Snow White’s dwarfs...

Amanda Bynes Officially Charged for WeHo DUI

(TMZ) – Amanda Bynes has officially been charged with DUI after her arrest back in April — when she sideswiped a cop car and allegedly attempted to flee the scene. a WordPress rating system
Amanda Bynes Runs Up Curb Days After DUI

Amanda Bynes Runs Up Curb Days After DUI

(TMZ) Sporting another hoochie outfit, Amanda Bynes went clubbing in Hollywood again last night … for the 2nd time since her DUI arrest … and it was a disaster. a WordPress rating system

City of WeHo Condemns Shahs of Sunset Reality Show

The West Hollywood City Council has passed a resolution condemning the new reality television show “The Shahs of Sunset” for perpetuating negative stereotypes about Iranian-Americans.  The show, which is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, airs...

Amanda Bynes Bolts from Cops During Traffic Stop

(TMZ) – Amanda Bynes made a HUGE mistake during a traffic stop in Hollywood yesterday … she blew off the cop while he was writing the ticket and drove away from the scene … TMZ has learned. a WordPress rating system

Lindsay Lohan Back in WeHo, Leaves Venice

Lindsay Lohan was so spooked by her recent run-in with a trespasser at her home … she has decided to move out of her Venice Beach pad for good, TMZ has learned. A moving van showed up at Lindsay’s house today – and we’re told all...

Lindsay Lohan Sued for WeHo Nanny Car Accident

(TMZ) – Lindsay Lohan has been sued by a nanny who claims LiLo creamed her in a Maserati. The accident occurred in September, 2010. TMZ broke the story … a witness claimed he saw Lindsay run a red light in her sports car in West Hollywood,...


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