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With Weho Daily, you can reach thousands of people who live, work and play in and around the West Hollywood area.  We are a new, fast growing media source with a highly engaged audience, both on our website and on Twitter.  We are the newest of “new media” — breaking stories live as they happen over Twitter, and following up with blog posts with more information.

Our Influence classifies Weho Daily on Twitter as a “persona, specialist or networker”, stating “make no mistake about it … when [Weho Daily] talks, people listen.”   They also say that Weho Daily:

  • “is in the top 10% of influencers and is able to drive conversations”
  • “has built a good size network that is highly engaged”
  • “generates a high level of engagement from other influencers”
  • “generates actions like clicks and retweets with nearly every message”

We have almost 11,000 readers on Twitter alone (and still growing fast… see our Twitter stats), and since we often break news stories in West Hollywood and surrounding areas, that includes people from just about every major media source in Los Angeles (and many smaller ones too). More than 15% of our followers have passed one of our messages along into their combined audience of over 2.5 million followers.

Our Area

Approximate Coverage Focus of Weho Daily

Without question, West Hollywood is the nightlife capitol of the Los Angeles area, filled with trend setting, influential consumers of a wide variety of products and services. In addition to being a celebrity playground, West Hollywood’s influence on music can be seen most visibly on the legendary Sunset Strip, and the city is home to a very large gay population.

We provide news and information from a West Hollywood perspective, and that includes news about surrounding areas, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills, that might be of interest to our audience.  While most of our audience lives in the city, a substantial segment live in the surrounding areas, or come here for work or play.

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Like a magazine or newspaper ad, giving you a massive amount of space to showcase your message.  This gallery on Adverlicious shows some possibilities. Perfect for increasing awareness without even having the visitor click to your site (though they can do that, of course). If you like to be on top, “above the fold” then our IAB standard 300×250 rectangle might be right for you. It provides a good amount of space for your message and appears at the extreme top edge of our pages.  Contact us for a full proposal or book your advertising now using our self-service system We also offer the standard large-format IAB 120×600 skyscraper.  This unit appears in the same position as the 300×600 half-page ad, although a second skyscraper will appear next to your advertisement.

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Please contact us on Twitter at @WehoDaily or via email to further discuss your advertising needs.  We are eager to move fast, and can have your ads running on our site within a day or so.

has built a good size network that is highly engaged

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