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LA TIMES – In West Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard has long been the odd street out.

It is the only one where parking meters tick until 2 a.m. Not so on other streets in this 1.9-square-mile city, not even along Santa Monica Boulevard, where metering ends at 6 p.m. So as clubs and restaurants fill up along the storied Sunset Strip that begins in Hollywood, it’s a sure bet many of those folks parked for free — even all night — in WeHo.

That could soon change.

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A plan being drafted by the city’s Transportation Commission would extend the hours of more than 2,000 parking meters. City officials say the proposal is in response to the notoriously bad traffic and scarce curbside parking, thanks to being part of one of Los Angeles County’s night-life hubs.

“Businesses sometimes think free metered parking is great for them,” said Oscar Delgado, director of public works. “But the reality is, a meter that doesn’t turn over is hurting the business.”

In the current draft, most meters along Santa Monica Boulevard would need to be fed four to eight hours longer each day, beginning…

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