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Residents wait outside containment area during search for burglary suspect. (Photo: Jason Frazier)

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress around 9PM on Tuesday evening.

A resident on the 600 block of Huntley found an intruder inside their residence and fought with the suspect before he fled northbound on Huntley and eastbound on Sherwood.

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Numerous deputies were on scene within moments and setup a containment area, undertaking an exhaustive search for the suspect.

The suspect was described as a male, Hispanic or Middle-Eastern, about 40 years old and heavy set. He was sporting a goatee and had a shaven head. He was wearing a black suit and was apparently winded from the fight and in efforts to flee the scene.

Alert neighbors suggested that deputies take a look at an unattended, open limousine parked nearby. That led them to consider that their suspect could be the limo driver, which could also explain why the intruder was wearing a suit. The Sheriff’s Department has not officially confirmed or ruled out the driver of the limo as the suspect, however.

A search for the suspect continued for many hours and Sheriff’s K9 units were checking the area to see if they could locate the suspect. No inbound our outbound foot or vehicular traffic was being permitted, so residents were locked either inside their homes or away from them.

Deputies believed they knew the identity of the driver and were in the process of asking witnesses to try to ID him from his drivers license photo.

Witnesses had reported seeing a man matching the description of the suspect near the limousine.

After many hours of searching, the efforts were called off just after midnight and residents were allowed to return and leave the area again.

No further information was immediately available, however we will continue to follow the story.

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