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Fire Department

At 8:45AM Saturday morning, reports started to pour in to Weho Daily about a possible fire in the Laurel Canyon area.

“Fire helicopter circling low over Kirkwood Bowl area of Laurel Canyon, area smells vaguely of smoke,” said Mark Wheaton.

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“Six engines-2 hook and ladders-roaring up Laurel Canyon,” said Jason R.”What’s going on?”

“Fire brigade in laurel canyon up kirkwood. Helicopters too…” reported Ian Webber.

“On Kirkwood Dr smelling smoke but from the roof can’t see anything,” said @PureWowLA.

Matt Spence from the Los Angeles Fire Department said that the incident occurred at 8288 W Kirkwood Dr.

Responding firefighters found the smoke and it was discovered to be a wood deck that caught fire as result of faulty hot tub
motor. They had to cut the deck open to access the small fire, and damage was limited to the deck.

During the operation, 1 firefighter sustained minor burns to the hand.

The operation was over by about 9:30AM.

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