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A male, possibly wearing female lingerie, was stabbed to death on Orlando near Oakwood early this morning.

UPDATE:An LAPD press release said that Richard Herrera, 29, has been arrested in connection with the murder.  The victim was said to be a 27 year old Asian male but the name was not released.  The press release stated, “Detectives believe the victim was involved in a dispute with the suspect which resulted with the suspect stabbing the victim to death.”

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We initially reported last night on Twitter that a victim was said to be laying in the street on Orlando near Oakwood.  Initial 911 reports to Los Angeles Police just after 1:30AM said that residents in the area thought someone had been hit by a car, or that someone had been dumped in the intersection from a moving car.  Dispatchers initially put out the call as a felony hit and run and they put out a description of a vehicle seen speeding from the area.

LAPD officers responded to the scene and additional units were soon requested.  Witness reports said that fire and rescue personnel tried to resuscitate the victim but he was apparently pronounced dead at the scene.  The body was removed from the street at about 7AM.

A crime scene was established for the surrounding area overnight.  Police knocked on the doors to neighboring houses to find out if residents had security cameras or if they had any other information about the incident.  The police tape was reportedly still up as of at least 9AM this morning.

The victim was male, and according to one resident he was believed to be around 25 years of age and may have been wearing female lingerie.  KTLA also reported that the victim was wearing female lingerie and that he was stabbed multiple times.

One resident told Weho Daily that there was a blood trail going north on Orlando from the direction of Beverly towards Oakwood, where the victim collapsed and died.

NOTE: these are initial details that are likely to evolve or change as the investigation progresses and more information becomes available.  If you have any information to share about the incident, please get in touch with us on Twitter or post a comment below.


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