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When Axl Rose first stepped off the bus from Indiana, took the stage at the Whisky, and screeched out the opening lines of “Welcome to the Jungle,” he probably wasn’t thinking about parking. But he might as well have been.

West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip—home to music clubs, restaurants, and rock star mayhem—offers a chaotic array of parking options along its winding, two-mile stretch of Sunset Bl. Nighttime prices often top $20. Similar conditions prevail a half-mile south along Santa Monica Boulevard, where gay nightlife, boutiques, and restaurants attract visitors from all over the Los Angeles area.

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Finding places for all of those visitors to park is the goal of an innovative parking scheme that the city adopted last month. While it is not a comprehensive reform, a new “parking credits” program represents an incremental effort to aid both drivers and local businesses—particularly those that are seeking to change their uses—by cataloging available parking spaces and allocating them collectively among businesses that occupy 10,000 or fewer square feet.

This means that the city will keep track of the number of available spaces in the area and will issue credits rather than force businesses to identify specific spaces, either onsite or off-site, to fulfill their parking requirements.

The program is a response to a perceived stagnation among local businesses.

“(The city) realized that Sunset Boulevard, the rock n’ roll capital of the world, was filling up with vacancies, and so were the avenues of art and design,” said Mott Smith, whose firm Civic Enterprises consulted with West Hollywood. “People couldn’t satisfy their parking requirements.”

The program will start by allocating only public spaces, but West Hollywood Public Works Director Oscar Delgado said the city intends to include private spaces as well. The first area of the city where the program will go into effect is a triangle encompassing the western…

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  1. KC says:

    “The Sunset strip, home to music clubs, restaurants, and rock star mayhem” Hardly. Whisky is primarily pay to play, Dukes closed up, Rockin Riley s and Eveliegh are cliches of the LA scene and lack originality, Mirabelle just threw a hail mary and fumbled, Red Rock is going away, Rainbow is hanging on by a weak thread of nostalgia for 80s metal, The Roxy is only booking bad Hollywood pop rock acts. Real estate is through the roof, thanks city of Weho. Good job. The real rock and roll soul of Sunset blvd is east of Vermont.

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