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The transgender woman suing Khloe Kardashian for allegedly pushing her outside a club in Hollywood is willing to throw out the suit … but only if KK coughs up $150k — STAT.

TMZ broke the story … Chantal Spears (also known as Ronald Spears) filed a lawsuit in December … claiming Khloe assaulted her in front of Playhouse nightclub back in 2009. Khloe claims it was self-defense.

In new legal docs … Chantal/Ronald now says she is willing to settle the case out of court, IF Khloe pays her a hefty fee for “mental and emotional anxiety” … to the tune of $150,000.

Khloe countered the request … stating that Chantal/Ronald has failed to truly specify what her alleged damages were, despite being asked several times.

The case is still ongoing and a judge has yet to rule.

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  1. steve s says:

    clearly, khloe is guilty of hurting this lovely street urchin, chantal.
    ms. spears comes across as a normal, sweet, young crerature who was only trying to enjoy her evening, until mrs. odom brutally and savagely wreaked havoc on ms. spears.
    but, a biased and racist jury here in los angeles will probably say that because khloe has a bigger penis, she was the victim, not chantal.

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