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West Hollywood Sheriffs deputies take a suspect into custody after a deputy-involved fight. (Photo: @TheeLoLo for Weho Daily)

An LAPD patrol car, possibly en route to backup a Sheriff’s deputy, was involved in a traffic collision during rush hour this morning.

The traffic collision occurred at about 8:10AM at Fountain Ave and Genesee.   A deputy from the Sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau was involved in a fight at Holloway and La Cienega and an LAPD helicopter overhead spotted the trouble.  The helicopter called for LAPD units to respond while WeHo deputies also raced to the scene.

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Several LAPD units were racing west down Fountain, according to Weho Daily reader Stuart O’Keeffe. So many units were responding that he believed it was the start of a pursuit.

Another reader, Ryan Traylor, also witnessed the response, telling us that “cops are screaming westbound on Santa Monica Blvd and on Fountain.”

Justin Alexander was also on Fountain at the time and pulled over to let the LAPD and Sheriff units pass.  But another driver apparently didn’t see the cars coming and pulled out in front of them.

“I was pulled over waiting for LAPD to pass,” he said.  Then a “Mercedes pulled out in front of [the] cop and they hit at about 60 miles per hour.”

Alexander was transported to the hospital for evaluation, including a CAT scan.  The LAPD officer involved hit his head and requested fire and rescue to the scene to be checked out.  Any injuries to the other driver were not immediately known.

After the accident, Fountain was closed in both directions between Fairfax and Gardner for about an hour.

We have a call in to the Sheriff’s station to find out details about the fight at Holloway and La Cienega and will update this post with more info when available.  So far, we only know that it was a deputy from the Transit Services Bureau and not a West Hollywood deputy.  We are told that the fight was not transit related, however.

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