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Are you tired of unwanted advertisements left on your front door? To reduce the amount of annoying advertising left on resident’s property, the City of West Hollywood has created a “Stop Door Spam” campaign.

Unfortunately, unsolicited advertising materials left at residential doors, front porches or door knobs can be a nuisance and lead to neighborhood litter and sidewalk trash. In addition, the West Hollywood Municipal Code prohibits distributing advertising materials on private property.

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“If you’re like me, you too hate arriving home with your hands full, only to find that you have to dig your way through the marinade of advertisements, either shoved in the door jamb, wrapped round the doorknob, shoved under the door or secured to your mailbox with a rubberband just to get to the lock on the door,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang. “Or having to run around and pick up all those that fluttered to the floor.”

“Over the years, my office has received several similar complaints,” said Prang. “So when the City of Long Beach launched a program that proved successful to help curtail door spam, my office jumped to create one here in West Hollywood.”

The Stop Door Spam campaign is a two-part program.

The first portion of the Stop Door Spam campaign, provides residents with bilingual English and Spanish placards provided and created by the City, to be placed on front doors or signs to affix to your gate or fence to alert advertisers that litter is not welcome on the property.

Second, residents can download “Dear Advertiser” letters from the City’s website which they can send to the offending business which explains that the resident is displeased with the advertisements left on their property and that they wish them to stop. The letter also explains the benefits of a litter-free city and advises the advertiser to proactively participate in litter abatement efforts.

If the unwanted advertisements continue, the resident also has the choice to report repeat offenders to the City through the website,

For more information regarding the Stop Door Spam campaign, please contact the Office of  Mayor Pro Tem Prang at (323) 848-6460.

To request a Stop Door Spam placard or to report a repeat door spam offender, visit or call (323) 848-6344.

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