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West Hollywood Sheriff’s Deputies nabbed a CraigsList scammer after the suspect is said to have tried to scam the same victim a second time with a fraudulent check.

On January 8, 2012, the victim was contacted by a woman regarding a CraigsList ad he had posted for a camera he was selling. The woman said she wanted to purchase the camera and arrived to the victim’s residence in the City of West Hollywood. The woman stated she was the mother of the buyer, there to make the purchase for her daughter. She purchased the camera with what appeared to be a legitimate cashier’s check.

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The victim deposited the check and was advised by his bank that it was fraudulent.

A few days later, the victim posted a second ad on CraigsList for another camera and was contacted by the woman again. He subsequently contacted West Hollywood Station detectives. On the evening of January 13, 2011, detectives from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station conducted a surveillance operation for the grand theft and fraud suspect.

A meeting was arranged for the suspect to purchase the second camera. She arrived and presented detectives with another fraudulent check and was then detained for questioning.

She was subsequently identified by the victim as being the person who purchased the first camera, using the fraudulent cashier’s check. The suspect, Sheila Watson, was placed under arrest for Grand Theft and booked at West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

Suspect Watson is also a person of interest in other similar CraigsList scams.

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