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Police at the home of Manny Pacquiao in Hancock Park (Photo: TMZ)

We reported Friday in real-time on Twitter about an incident where West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies assisted in the arrest of four burglary suspects at Melrose and Highland.  Later on, we heard from our friends at TMZ that the suspects were said to have just burglarized and ransacked the Hancock Park home of boxer Manny Pacquiao.

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The incident occurred at about 1PM on Friday and the details are a bit sketchy.  It seems that undercover Sheriff’s detectives were in the area and observed the suspects in the act.  The detectives apparently attempted to detain the individuals in a vehicle several blocks away but the suspects bailed out and a foot pursuit ensued.

Sheriff’s and LAPD helicopters were on the scene and coordinated between agencies as LAPD units from the Hollywood and Wilshire areas and deputies from West Hollywood responded to surround and contain the area.  The suspects had scattered and went into hiding in backyards, garages and sheds.  They were quickly located and taken into custody.

Both Highland and Melrose were closed to traffic for a short time as the incident was underway.

Sheriff’s Captain Mike Parker told the L.A. Times that the deputies were in the area, located in the City of Los Angeles, on an investigation of a crime that had occurred in an area patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department.  He did not elaborate on what that investigation was about.

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