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(TMZ) – “Planet of the Apes” actress Estella Warren just got the DEAL OF THE CENTURY — she won’t have to serve ANY jail time for allegedly driving drunk, crashing into 3 cars, attacking a cop and then escaping from police … TMZ has learned.

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Warren had the night from hell back in May — capped off when she slipped out of a pair of handcuffs at LAPD’s Wilshire station and tried to make a run for it.  She was recaptured … and eventually charged with DUI, hit-and-run driving, battery on a cop and resisting arrest.

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But today, Warren struck a deal with prosecutors, in which she agreed to plead guilty to DUI … and the remaining three charges against her were dropped.

Warren was sentenced to 60 months of summary probation and has been ordered to attend an alcohol program for 18 months. She will also have to fork over $1,908 in costs and penalties.

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