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A large fire gutted a garage on Fountain on Tuesday night. (Photos: David Begnaud and Justin Robby for Weho Daily)

A large structure fire broke out on Tuesday night on Fountain Avenue and gutted a detached garage to a home.

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The incident started around 11PM with the fire quickly taking over the structure.  Units from the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles fire departments responded with West Hollywood based units of the Los Angeles County Fire Department to battle the blaze.

It appeared that the fire was more difficult to put down than originally anticipated.  Residents to neighboring structures who were not immediately seen in need of evacuation were ordered out of their homes as the battle progressed.

Additional manpower was requested at about midnight to assist the units on scene, and there was talk about moving to defensive operations to protect neighboring structures instead of focusing on trying to put out the blaze in the garage.

Things began to come under control at about 12:15AM and a knockdown on the fire was called at about 12:30AM.

Arson investigators were called to the scene to investigate the cause of the blaze.


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