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A burglar got away with thousands of dollars worth of designer handbags from a West Hollywood luxury boutique early this morning, but the crime was caught on tape.

The suspect was seen smashing the window to the Mayfair House store on Beverly Blvd at about 2AM this morning. A golf club was used to smash the window and then to fish out over $10,000 worth of high end handbags from display shelving inside the business.

For some reason, the alarm system did not activate, giving the suspect extra time to commit the crime. Also, some street lights in the area were disabled for an unknown reason, and the store is in touch with the power company to find out if that is related.

Because the alarm didn’t sound, the burglary was not discovered until later in the morning when employees were arriving to open the store for the day.

The store is hopeful that the video of the incident along with other evidence might lead to an arrest in the case. If you witnessed anything unusual in the area around 2AM, please contact the store or the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station.

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