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On June 27th, 2011 the City’s construction contractor, Hardy & Harper Paving Company, will commence street paving work on Holloway Dr, Horn Ave, Sherbourne Dr, Shoreham Dr, Palm Ave, and Westmount Dr.

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The construction work for the upcoming week involves grinding off a couple inches of the existing deteriorated asphalt roadway, and then installing a rubberized asphalt pavement surface (uses recycled car tires). Day by day, the contractor’s work will include:

Grinding Schedule:

Monday, 6/27
8 AM to 1 PM Westmount Dr & Palm Ave
11 AM to 5 PM Sherbourne Dr & Shoreham Dr

Tuesday, 6/28
8 AM to 2 PM Holloway Dr
11 AM to 5 PM Horn Ave

Paving Schedule:

Wednesday, 6/29
8 AM to 3 PM Westmount Dr & Palm Ave
11 AM to 5 PM Sherbourne Dr & Shoreham Dr

Thursday, 6/30
8 AM to 5 PM Holloway Dr
12 PM to 5 PM Horn Ave

The Contractor’s working hours will be daytime from 8 AM to 5 PM. During the grinding work, there will be temporary no street parking and very limited access for cars in and out of driveways. Once grinding is complete, street parking will be restored. During the paving work, there will be temporary no street parking and NO ACCESS for cars in and out of driveways until after the asphalt cools. The roadways will be closed to traffic during the paving operation. After the major paving work is done during the next weeks, the contractor will be adjusting utilities, installing pavement markings, and installing traffic signal detector loops. Notices about the upcoming work twice were hand delivered to all affected residents and businesses. Final notices, message boards, and No Parking signs about paving project will be delivered and installed 5 days prior construction. The City has hired the firm of RBF Consulting to provide full time inspection on the jobsite and to assist in community coordination.

Mila Sologub of the City’s Engineering Division (323) 848-6338 is overseeing the consultants and contractor.

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  1. Jimmy Capp says:

    Amazing how the city loves to tear up perfectly good streets in fine shape while others like Waring (between La Cienega and Alfred) are left as nightmares.

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  2. Chris Bray says:

    Waring between La Cienega and Alfred is in the City of Los Angeles.

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