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The City of West Hollywood has launched a new campaign to help fight against bandit taxicabs. Bandit taxicabs are taxicabs that are not licensed to operate in the City of West Hollywood.

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Currently, there are seven fully-licensed and insured franchised taxi companies that are authorized to operate in West Hollywood. These companies employ drivers that have passed a criminal background check and are subject to random drug and/or alcohol testing. In addition, each vehicle is subject to an annual inspection.

Every “Licensed Taxicab” is required to display a City of West Hollywood seal which is displayed in the right rear bumper area. Beginning July 1, 2011, they will also be required to display the seal on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Riding in a bandit taxi cab (unlicensed taxi) is a huge risk and may jeopardize a person’s safety. What are the dangers?

  • Some passengers have been overcharged
  • Passengers have been victimized by credit card fraud, identity theft or theft of their ATM PIN number
  • Some drivers have been found to have criminal records or have committed sexual assault
  • Some drivers may have drug or alcohol problems
  • Bandit taxis sometimes are not insured

Before you enter a taxicab, check to see if it is displaying a City of West Hollywood “Licensed Taxicab” seal! For your safety – NO SEAL, NO DEAL!

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  1. ragan Fox says:

    Anyone have a picture of what this seal looks like?

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  2. Erik says:

    “Some passengers have been overcharged by bandit taxi cabs”

    Happens all the time here in West Hollywood, even with properly licensed taxis, taking advantage of those who may have had too much too drink, but chose to do the right thing by taking a taxi home. Nothing new here. I take the bus!

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  3. Erik says:

    Stick to these Taxi companies. They’re licensed to operate in West Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take advantage of your wallet.

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