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“I’m gonna tell you a story of vice and of glory”, intones legendary tattoo artist and elder statesman, Mark Mahoney, launching us into SUNSET STRIP, a documentary feature about the most storied street on the planet.

With its unconventional mix of storytelling, original concerts, live performances, animation, and rare archival films, the film dives into the mystique and hidden history of this curvy mile-and-a-half stretch of road that has steered world culture for nearly a century.

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The documentary from Hans Fjellestad, features Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Ozzy Osbourne, Keanu Reeves, Sofia Coppola, Sharon Stone, Hugh Hefner, Courtney Love… and based on the trailer, it appears that Weho Jesus is going to take a role at center stage. It is set to premiere this Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Strip itself was born in the roaring ’20s as a dirt road connecting Hollywood studios to a new development called Beverly Hills. This “strip” between two cities fell just outside Los Angeles city limits, a no man’s land outside the reach of the LAPD, which gave free reign to both creative and dark forces. Generations of great artists were inspired here and great art was created here, right along side notorious speakeasies, nightclubs, casinos, brothels, and opium dens. It is truly a mix of light and dark, sunshine and noir, that is uniquely L.A.

Of course, when limits are pushed this hard, crash and burn is inevitable. Up and down cycles come fast and furious. So it’s no surprise when tragedy strikes and the death of The Strip is pronounced. It’s been that way since the very beginning. But the lights always come back on and suddenly she’s alive and kicking with another burst of creative energy for a new generation. The Strip remains true to her nature and her calling as ground zero for the biggest sounds, images, and cultural movements to echo around the world.

Today, huge tectonic shifts in the music industry have energized live music and music venues, so a new generation of idealistic artists, fans, and club owners are using that energy to make Sunset Strip their own, forging their own history, just like all the generations before them. Something fresh and cool is brewing!

Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Mickey Rourke, Ozzy Osbourne, Courtney Love, Sharon Stone, Pamela Des Barres, Alice Cooper, Hugh Hefner, Perry Farrell, Peter Fonda, Sofia Coppola, Tom Arnold, Slash, Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Dita Von Teese, Paris Hilton, Lou Adler, Tommy Lee, Billy Corgan, Lemmy, along with historians, authors, former mobsters, kids who call it their playground, and families who call it home… all come together to take the audience way beyond a rock doc and down the rabbit hole into a fascinating world called SUNSET STRIP.

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  1. KC says:

    Unfortunately this doc does not go into detail on how the city of west Hollywood killed the strip. The strip is now an embarrassment. The only good scene in LA comes from the east side of Hollywood.

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  2. me says:

    place seems pretty dead to me

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  3. Jimmy says:

    Alakazaam—infrmoation found, problem solved, thanks!

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