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As Weho Daily previously reported, West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of an armed robbery on the evening of Wednesday, May 11 at approximately 11:10PM.

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The victims were walking in the area of Fountain and Fairfax, in the City of West Hollywood when a man jumped out of a Cadillac SUV and approached them, displaying a handgun. The suspect demanded their property before fleeing the scene in the SUV, being driven by an accomplice.

Lt. Lawrence Del Mese from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station later told us that the victims were able to obtain the license plate number to the vehicle. Responding deputies broadcast the vehicle description based on the information provided by the victims. Deputies ran the license plate number to obtain more information about the vehicle.

They also sent deputies from the South Los Angeles Station to the address where it was registered. There, deputies saw the suspect vehicle as it pulled into the driveway of the location. Both suspects exited the vehicle and entered two separate apartments.

South Los Angeles deputies ordered the occupants to exit and detained the suspects pending further investigation. Detectives from the West Hollywood Station responded and served search warrants at each location. During a search of the locations, three handguns were recovered. Property belonging to the victims, along with a stolen firearm was also recovered.

Both suspects are being held on $100,000 bail.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  1. Brian Hamilton says:

    Nice work, Sheriff’s Dept. That’s how it’s done.

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  2. John Q Citizen says:

    Oustanding arrest! Congrats to both the Sheriffs and the victim for remaining cool headed enough to get a license plate! Without that it probably would have gone unsolved. Two more bad guys & 3 guns off the streets!

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