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Los Angeles Police appear to be making quick progress on a spree of robberies and murders using a shotgun. As Weho Daily first reported, an intensive effort began late on Tuesday night that included the unusual step of putting the entire LAPD West Los Angeles Bureau on tactical alert through the night as they pursued leads on the case.

Three people are in custody in connection with the robberies. One is also a suspect in two murders, and another is said to have been involved in at least one of those murders. The investigation into the spree of crimes is ongoing, so more charges could be forthcoming.

Jabaar Vincent Thomas and Destiny Young are in custody for the robberies along with the murder of Gabriel Ben-Meir, a young producer for MTV who was killed near his Mid-Wilshire apartment early on Sunday morning. They were arrested on the robbery charges on Wednesday, with murder allegations added Thursday.

Thomas was also booked for the murder of Marcelo Aragon on April 30 in the Pico Union area. Aragon was shot multiple times with a shotgun in a residential area, KABC reported.

Formal charges are expected to be filed against them on Friday.

Another suspect, Richard Edward Anderson, has also been arrested in connection with the robberies, but as of now he has not been charged in either of the murders.

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