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As Weho Daily was first to report late on Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Police Department was seeking a suspect believed to be tied to numerous robberies with a shotgun in LAPD’s Olympic and Wilshire divisions, and possibly the murder of an MTV employee early on Sunday morning. A second suspect was also being sought who may have been involved. In an unusual move, the LAPD West Los Angeles Bureau was on tactical alert through the night working on the case.

That work paid off and arrests were announced on Wednesday afternoon. Police said that the suspects may be tied to more than 9 different robberies and they are investigating whether a link can be made to the murder of the MTV employee. A shotgun was discharged in another robbery though nobody was hit.

On Tuesday night, Police were working under the belief that a single barrel shotgun was used in the incidents. Previously, Los Angeles Times sources said that may have been the weapon used in the murder of MTV employee Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir near his Mid-Wilshire apartment early Sunday morning. ABC7 later reported that the coroner confirmed a shotgun was used in his murder.

In a news conference on Wednesday, detectives said they had not yet made a positive link to the killing of Ben-Meir but considered it a solid lead. Sources also told the Los Angeles Times that the nature of Ben-Meir’s death has led homicide detectives to investigate if at least one of the robbers could be responsible for a slaying April 30 in the Pico-Union area in another early morning incident. The possibility of ties to two murders was broadcast to units in the course of LAPD’s overnight tactical alert.

The names of the suspects have not yet been released. The primary suspect was described as a black male, about 35 year old, 5’10″ in height and 180 pounds. He was said to be wearing wire rimmed glasses along with other silver and gold jewelry. He may have been using a duffel bag to conceal the weapon.

The most recent incident appears to have been an attempted robbery at 8th and Normandie at about 6PM on Tuesday night.

Police were engaged in an intensive investigation overnight using composite descriptions of the two suspects and vehicles that may have been involved from witness statements in the robberies. They were also working with a partial license plate number.

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